Turenne separates one element that will be fundamental to all his research. Locates inside the waves, i.e. the natural electromagnetic radiations, a stranger until component: information. Therefore, the wave is actually a complex structure: no "ordinary" and consisting of three waves ... one another...

On the last image you see them separated, but they are really united in only one wave, that of the first drawing depicted in red...

  • A first "carrier wave",

  • One "secondary", wave

  • A wave carried by the secondary, which contains "information-messages"... 

When Turenne meeting and consider a wave, besides its known characteristics of electromagnetic wave, it looks inside, reads the transmitted information and hence understand what her body transmitted / produced /. Visible in the figure, in the third wave, the images (forms) of the body wave transmitted ... in this case it is a tree.



What we call "information" is actually a collection of small amounts of informed energy. They are the seeds of the plant, which, no matter how small, containing everything you need to grow a plant similar to that of the seeds originates.  For example, if you look good in a morbid wave can be identified with precision productive species of disease that it has appointed...


Unfortunately, even today there are not "licensed" and recognized by official science instruments capable to reveal ALL the characteristics of the waves.With modern technology even today there is no possibility to “read” information and messages contained in the third wave.  



The identity of the wave of health

This is a specific vibration, which leaves wave whose length is sized just  32 милионни части от милиметъра32 millionths of a millimeter. These are extremely small quantities, for which the measurement of the time there were no instruments, but Turenne finds a way to read them and have them measured on the scale increased 2.5 million times: 32 millionths of a millimeter multiplied 2.5 million times given size 8 m. Even if in 1954 the technology was more advanced Turenne never changed this expression. Who hears of this magnitude and did not know the method is obviously scandalized. In the era of nanotechnology are, maybe we could not ignore the expression 8 m. And to replace it with  "32 millionths of a millimeter?"

Further, we will see why it can be argued that a wave is healthy only if it has this typical characteristic. Today we use this model.



For Turenne it was not known, this ideal model. And it is actually missing reference parameter. In the absence of a basic model to which to refer, how could argue that a unit (wool, atom, cell, organ, body, etc.) Is healthy? 

Now we have the exact reference model

Here is the definition:  if any body cell, organ or other unit emits wave length 8 m., It means it IS HEALTHY, the opposite case!


Turenne discovers and experiments with a cell to vibrate with a length of 8 m. And in which all biochemical phenomena are carried out correctly ... and cell live longer.  Moreover, bacteria, viruses and the other. I can not live in it.

Do you not recognize this fact True Prevention, which we just talked about; is the one that makes us resistant to infectious and epidemic attacks?



                                  Identity of "harmful" waves

                                            (I.e. those who kill)

Who are they and how to recognize harmful waves, those who harm us?  The answer, as you have already figured out, comes from the discovery that discussed earlier: all waves whose length corresponds to the "model" (i.e. 32 millionths of a millimeter) ARE HARMFUL, especially if they carry energy forms (information) which are distorted, i.e. the DNA of various diseases or other bad things. Already talking about it for many years that people do not realize how serious the problem is.


"Actually Turenne claims that ''harmful'' waves can lead to death because adversely affect the chemistry of the organism, producing a "flocculation'', that is to say cell death."


Harmful waves destabilize and always upset the rhythm of the waves of healthy cells, causing Flocculation (i.e. cell death).


We observe that while the wavelength remains in the right quantity (that which he identifies with 32 millionths of a millimeter), the cell or element retain their perfect chemistry Colloidal; when the wavelength is "shortened" element flocculates, degenerates and dies.


A cell which flocculates ... dies.



It is very important to have a clear idea of the  HARMFUL WAVESour bodies somehow were taught to "manage" matter, know how to transform it and to protect themselves from its harmful and then, if careful chemical poisons or incidents can be avoided.  

Our bodies, however, have never been taught to "manage" wave radiation.


44th first elements which create the human body


Each matter is composed of atoms of the first elements. There is a table in which they are listed in order of their atomic weight of "someone called Mendeleyev". At the time of Turenne were identified and ranked 92 elements  (the latter of which Uranium)Turenne discovered waves of the next 93-94-95-96-97 etc.  A little strange, but you should know that to date no one in the world of official science knows for sure who they are, among all First Atomic elements those that are consistent with the structural formation of the human body (or animal) body.!!! Some are known: calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese and others.


Important: - The copperalthough necessary for the body, is not among the component structure: it is necessary for the functionality of the body: bear with food and breathing: but should ensure that the body does not remain traces unnecessary – they would be toxic!!!

Elements that are currently being considered in our bodies are still too little, especially if we consider that each of them have precise tasks in the organization and structure of our body. Turenne conducts research to find them all and distinguishes 44 in number. They are those who "keep on legs" our structure and our system of functions. They are not only minerals but also metalloids and Rare Gases (called precious).

Now that we know who they are, at any moment we can control their position us: Are they all there? Who or what is missing? The tragedy is that only very few of them are found in food (and still not be sure that the body absorbs them properly!!!). The real problem is the lack of those elements that we can not find any food or elsewhere, as there are only in the form of GAS!!!

For us it is a relief to know that we can supply them all, given that everyone in the atmosphere in colloidal form, thanks to the Catalyst with waves, invented and developed by Eng.Turenne: "44 metal".


EL.D. The good current that gives us life


The name comes from Electricity - Disintegration. This is kind of special, natural and beneficial electricity that occurs in living cells (with 44-s metal), a current that is needed to live in good health. And this is a great discovery of Turenne!

A statement of Turenne, very convincingly supported by it:  If we miss and even worse, if we are deprived of this wave, we can not pretend for health!

Incidentally when cells lacking this specific  EL.Dthey are easily satisfied with harmful waves that are produced and carried by artificial sources, namely that their presence, which largely depends on the formation of cancer cells, tumors, etc . . . . and which represents the ideal habitat for viruses, bacteria, parasites and other animal.

  • Therefore, we must be careful with sources of electricity (which are everywhere and are becoming more), today in the morning it absorb with electric tooth brush, etc ... with mobile phones, remote controls and electric key chains pocket ...

  • In addition to attending every home waves because the wires in the walls must be careful with those in cars, trains, planes, ships …

  • Be careful with the car, especially if you spend too long time in it.

Interesting: Turenne, seeking confirmation of his theories, funded a check on 1,500 taxis in Paris. First collect clinical studies of drivers, then install specific catalyst protectors on 800 taxis. After a year are made new research them all...  


Health of those who had protectors in the car has had deteriorated much more deteriorated than a year ago, those however who had protectors in his car, had a significant improvement and say that some have come and to rescue old urogenital infections.

Here the question arises spontaneously: "How to finish all this research? (Given what was its price), who has served, if today is not to talk about it?"  You will say that served as a consolation of Turenne, to see confirmed his theories, but! In light of this undeniable practical experience, especially those who often use the car, you should remove some hazards associated with electricity, which are formed in the cabin and in their bodies.

But all, literally  "all" should take care to "fill upwith daily wave EL.D, in order to properly functioning off the cells and to avoid hanging them on the waves do disease !!!





It is a universal presence throughout the universe and all living cells. Turenne discovered it in 1910 while looking for the waves of first elements. There is a positive Vacuum (421) Vacuum negative (124) and full vacuum (545). Vacuum is a supporter of the phenomenon LIFЕ.

The vacuum was discovered only a few years ago by official science today is certainly one of the most studied phenomena ... This discovery was not made by physicists and astrophysicists from ....


The wave Turenne


This is a very special wave, which is triggered by a set of several waves simultaneously present. It consists of: horizontal positive vertical positive. Infra and Ultra waves, the waves of the vacuum of beneficial natural radioactivity from the waves of  EL.Dthose of light and 44-s first elements of the human body.  It has exclusive feature always spreading wave length 8 m. There is in nature, but only in certain situations. Exists in all catalysts Turenne !!! Opened in January Turenne, had no name, because it was known and so called it: The wave of Turenne.


The law of similarity


This is a law that similar realities (visible or invisible, small or large, mostly vibratory) communicate with each other to attract to merge into one another. In practice: white attracts white and black-black. And so on.  Some phenomena in the times in which he lived, yet were not known and so Turenne called this law: Law of similarity. Subsequently, the scientific community has chosen to use the expression of harmonic resonances Law or Law of induction. We wonder what this has to do with us and with your life? Here's the answer:

If our body has a low vibration (i.e. less than 8 m.) Body attracts to itself constantly similar vibrations, i.e. low vibration and will want to acquire HealthIf the body is affected by the disease, it continuously attracts somewhere of the universe (where available) similar to the disease waves and so, regardless of the medication and treatment, cure remains an unattainable mirage. This is how it works.... When taking medicines if correct, the vibration of the body should be increased - the wavelength should reach 8 m. Only so the body does NOT attract more waves of similar diseases, and other waves.

Obviously, should get on with it to make the whole body vibrate perfectly wave of 8m., mainly to get in resonance with the vibrations of 8 m. And there by waves and realities that strengthen health and bring good location.


The opportunity to be "erased" hereditary disabilities


The father of medicine Hippocrates in 450 BC says the man from birth begins to suicide!?!

Surely no one have this intention, at least not consciously, but there is some truth in this.

The phenomenon is real and Turenne explains it:

'There are, without seeing them, an endless amount of enemies - internal and the exterior, which, in the form of vibration damage "health". Turenne devotes its entire existence in search of the causes and treatment. The lied from him work is huge.

From birth and forever, together with all data (DNA) and the information concerning our structural and functional integrity we already bear called. Hereditary disabilities. In practice, this is the "memory" of the diseases from which our ancestors suffered that we inherit from our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. They are kind to us predisposition to suffer from the same diseases. When you hear talk about "family history", note that experts pleaded healthy history of our family, which, together with the good things we inherit and the bad!! Such a predisposition may remain dormant for life, but can wake up and cause various diseases.

In any case our vibrating body, the waves of inherited disabilities is a very bad vibe that we carry with us at any time throughout our lives; a hidden and uncomfortable presence that prevents us from achieving optimal vibration needed to have a real tight!

Almost all at birth bear with us forever this terrible burden, only one child of several thousand-say was born without it!

Turenne has found a way of removing them ... do not you think that this is wonderful? To delete them forever enough within two months using the catalyst "Heredities" !

Who wishes to play must consider this before and if you talk about "Love" to children and to their children, to start with this is NOT their "donated" its flaws!



Good Radioactivity, which “gives life”

Basically when we hear talk about radioactivity shy away. This is because around Chernobyl witnessed one type of Radioactivity, which is very strong and with a high density, a very harmful radiation for delicate vital systems of living creatures.

Turenne, still led by a thorough search of the mystery of life, finds a kind of natural radioactivity, of course, having a very low intensity, which in addition to being "good" in the absolute sense, it is also necessary for the life of the body. He proved that in every human body has five radioactive points:

  • One behind the nape

  • One corresponding to the thyroid gland

  • Two at the waist level (above the kidneys)

  • One at the level of pubis


When natural radioactivity in those points fall, the authorities concerned and those close to them get sick. Analyzes allow us to observe how prostate enters into crisis when fall radioactivity in the pubic area, the thyroid gland does not function properly because it has changed changed radioactivity in the area, etc.

Interesting to know that the sperm fertilizes the egg, only if there was formed a wave of natural radioactivity! (Remember that Pa-Kua  of Turenne broadcast wave of natural radioactivity of 8 m long. That is worth it lay on those above 5 points on the body.... to strengthen them).

The catalysts of Turenne need good natural Radioactivity to function naturally wavelength 8 m...


One specific technique to detect and measure "distance" of the waves emitted by the places and of all living bodies


This is another amazing "discovery" of Turenne, just incredible at first glance, because if well think it is completely logical and simple. You have realized from his biography how mines, ie underground deposits and how Turenne springs found in the world and always without, is far from working place. Found in his notes saying he does not like at all laps deserts, mountains and inaccessible places.... "It is very dirty" and said to prefer to conduct his research comfortably in his office.


Do you know how?

Already had made various discoveries in the field of the waves and the laws that govern them and had learned to use the results by applying them to different activities.

 In such a case, it is able to help the law of similarity, whereby, two realities that vibrate in the same manner are connected automatically, so that the same vibration occurring in the one, also present in the other in the reflected wave, which continuously runs between the two. Let's see:

One of the two realities consists of the physical location being studied, no matter where it is located on the planet, but how to get to the second? The second could consist of a card that presents itself so well, that it appears like its subject. However, the card itself was not enough, though presenting true place is not vibrate enough to enter the induction of the actual place of study.

He needs was a technical device to activate the card and activate the Law of similarity between the place and presenting him card.

Here to help him come discoveries about natural radioactivity (at 8 m.), Develops a special tool and behold, that all waves present at the actual location could be identified on the map. Nothing amazing or magical. 

He was using the same laws that allow transmission of waves off  wirelessly. 

On the table in his office using special measuring instruments and a wide range of samples of specific waves (witnesses) of minerals, water, gems, crystal structures, gas, colors, neutrinos, neutrons, infrared and ultra waves, etc., for it was not possible to implement all studies that is famous. Today we use the same technique.






When the method Turenne analyzes and measures, he is not  analyzing of the material (tissue), and the electromagnetic waves of the body, that is to say that a structure that generates and maintains the tissue. . Analyzes made by Turenne technique can not be made with invasive systems, not on the body, not going through it with specific rays, and it is studied with an absolutely friendly and intelligent system: a person's body vibrate constantly and therefore the dissemination spread around all waves emitted by each of its cells, it is now clear to us.. The method, with his instruments, collects outside waves that transmit the body, analyze them, recognize their identity, arranges them and measured. In essence, as it happens with X-rays, Turenne method does nothing, "but to hear!"

 Subsequently, after having recognized the wrong (phase shifting its) waves, they can be normalized (to adjust their phases) using special waves of catalysts.


For analyze on spot: The echnique used today for measuring waves in the environment (also used by geo biologists, architects, etc.) resorting to the use of electronic and electrical apparatus, which unfortunately, because of the inadequacy of their instruments detected only waves with high intensity not detect more subtle of them (which are the most dangerous!). Thus infer that an environment conducive when it may actually not be such! These gentlemen have no true idea of waves and heavy mobile, like elephants ... to feel the rustle of the forest, can not enter into it with a tractor!

But Turenne  the engineer has developed a thin developed a set of tools having the capacity to detect any type of waves and, especially, to recognize what information they carry!

The whole environment around us is contaminated with more or less harmful waves, if only because it exists everywhere electricity. Electric current spread in the premises very dangerous waves that cause many serious diseases ... Turenne (1925) wrote: the more electrified world, the more there will be leukemia’s and others. Nobody listened, and today we find out that he was right!

Then there are waves coming from the subsoil and not only those listed by Hartmann. Meaning: some minerals and some changes in the magnetic field from the depths of the Earth. All waves going from  the bottom to the top, and therefore, as in the case of the bed they are passing through the bed and in the sleeping person on it, and if they are harmful to the person enters a little less in an accelerated degenerative condition and may become ill !!!



Turenne found "heavy water" and called them because, instead of having a wave identical to that of ordinary water (H2O), they have another corresponding to another formula: H4O.- noted that all Thermal Mineral water or follow the same Act: no H2, and H4 After that compares each thermal (mineral) water with 7 universal groups of wool and noticed that each enter into resonance (i.e. apply the Law of similarity) with only a single group with only a single color of the spectrum, so we get:  H4O INDIGO H4O2 BLUE - H4O4 GREEN  - H4O8 YELLOW  H4O16 ORANGE  H4O32  RED.

There is also a seventh kind (which he called GREEN WATER) that resonates with WHITE and which consists of the sum of all 6 other vibrations; it is very rare - it is only in the depths of some glaciers or leaves of evergreen plants. (For someone might be interesting to know that the water from springs in Lourdes is GREEN WATER).

Normally this water (the one from the tap) is  Н2О and resonates with VIOLET color. This finding is of particular importance when continuing his research on humans, he noticed that in every person - most likely in the DNA - are enrolled at birth three (and only three) formulas wave type H4O!!! This line is curious about him and he deepened his research until found that:

  •             While the man accepts mineral water, whose formula corresponds to one of the "three individual formulas," everything is fine, and                       especially helps people with rheumatism and arthritis. 

  • But if the human accepts mineral water, whose formula does NOT correspond

    any of its three personal, it is catastrophic. Turenne warns that this may be hidden causes many serious diseases and we all know what he meant, saying "serious"

In those years, the mineral water was not consumed daily. In an extreme case on the subject is spoken in spa.

Today, however, we can say well done, everywhere and daily people drink only bottled water. If it comes to a family of three or more people much doubt that the same mineral water can be "compatible" and "right" for all family members!!!





Besides the existence of vital nourishment (Vitality) and before we move to what is "in" cells - tissues - organs, etc., it is important to investigate an important function: not everyone knowsthat a human being exists and continues to live thanks to a precise and constant rhythm that oscillates between wave and wave of Life of Death, which undoubtedly are the only two fundamental REALITIES of our existence

The human body is composed of CELLS and a VACUUM that vibrate in one continuous movement in a "colloidal environment" .Every body is therefore movement of cells having generally constant frequency The human body contains 44 aerosols First elements among those arranged in the Periodic System of the Periodic Table 44, including number 93, 94, 95, 96, 97 - called transuranic elements as they have beyond uranium (which is number 92).. All these specific first elements (metals, rare gases metalloids) have original sine wave length of 8 m. (= 3.2 microns) and while they retain this feature ensure health inside the human body.

The human body is an ANTENNA: receive and transmit waves continuously throughout life...

Defined as "enemies" (external or internal) all those waves whose lengths are below 8 m., For example, the waves of inherited disabilities, animal parasites, microbes and pathogenic bacteria, disease, food (not decontaminated ), the harmful waves of subsoil and natural or artificial waves from the outside world, etc.

Really can be called "enemies" because their wavelengths below 8 m. Create raising the vibration frequency of the cells, and violating their rhythmic balance of vibration, lowering their wool below 8 m. (Attack on health).

Conversely food, medicines or waves from the outside world with a length of 8 meters. Are "beneficial and favorable" as seek to retain or to reduce the wavelength of the cells up to 8 m. The True overall health and healing have exactly 8 m. length.


PHENOMENON "LIFE" in its physical manifestation


Life in the physical human body is a phenomenon of ATOMIC DISINTEGRATION, well regulated, initiated by the medulla oblongata, which noted the existence of waves of transuranic first elements: 97 at the top, below 96, then 95, then 94 and it below 93 superimposed over the other in the form of five horizontal bands identical. All these waves are fused into two "lower brain legs."

To be able to take and maintain proper implementation of  ATOMIC DISINTEGRATION (what gives life), the human body needs to maintain 8-meter wavelength of its first 44 elements that are found in the body in COLLOIDAL CONDITION. When all these elements vibrate at 8 m., The body can easily assimilate them, including the atmosphere around us, in which they are present in the form of an aerosol  (from the books: 1° 2° 3° from Turenne – issued in 1932).


Eng.Turenne has found a way to "measure" (at any time) status, which is the body of a man facing the aforementioned body of life- after death, that is, how active it PHENOMENON DISINTEGRATION.

Distributed at this phenomenon waves enter into a resonance rock, whose vibrations coincide with the scale of frequencies in the range of INFRA-WHITE to INFRA-BLACK.

With the gradual distortion of the phenomenon DISINTEGRATION - that goes to death – emitted wave in lowering gradually resonate in harmony with the different colors, going through:


Infra-White / Black = Infra-excellent functional status of the phenomenon LIFE =



When the wave reduces vibrations passing through Infra-white, white, UV, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, this means that no more health and more close to Red, Infra Red, Black, the closer is Death. In Infra-black is the death of the organic body.



Note: - When the wave of human coincides with Red, this means that the human body dies and can not now be brought back to life.

This measurement is performed with a special tool that Turenne did create and named ''ZODIAC''.

In carrying out this review is noticed how in a home "with damaging waves" (attention, because if the wires of your home electric current flows, it is one too!) It affects the people who live in it and with each passing night lowers wave of the Zodiac, favoring the degeneration of the body.

This explains why, before any intervention on humans, should see the state of the waves of the dwelling. 

In this context, it is believed that food too (for example), BUT also drugs, treatment may actually be effective and useful if you live in a home having harmful waves. Apart from the fact that they are NEVER in good vibration (because they are suffering from the harmful waves and / or produced in areas with unhealthy waves).

There is another reason why this type of measurement waves may be out of phase, it comes to something as impoverishment or depletion of brain organs (very common condition today); let us bear in mind that many creatures come to light already burdened with such failures. The tables in these cases we recommend the use of Catalyst NUTRIVIT.