Turenne observes and detect 

Collect information observing vibrational structures of all that constitutes the visible and invisible world. Analyze events due to which everything lives transformed and die.


Turenne formulates his theory

All collected monitoring data, analyzed and filtered through his scientific knowledge, enabling him to make discoveries (in his writings reported 64 in total). Set of findings allows him to construct his theory, its method and to define the characteristics favorable to health vibrations.


Turenne creates and uses

A system for analysis, comparison and measurement of all waves. System for forming waves through other waves. Ignition system of real health in living bodies.


 1)What actually happens ?

It can be concluded that the method Turenne is a systematized set of knowledge and tools that allow analyzing the undulating broadcast any organism, mineral, planting, animal, human or some of its parts.

The analysis is not chemically and physically by type of practice are readable and measured emissions of all waves that radiate the body and spread around.

В случая с човешки организъм, освен първоначалното взимане на капка кръв от пръста, не са необходими други видовe изследвания.



2) How is associated with health condition ?

Numerous specialized studies have indicated a relationship, in some cases very precisely between types of waves, distributed by an authority and the health of the body itself.

Turenne as a result of their observations concluded that living cells, tissues, organs and organisms when they are in good health, emit a typical recognizable wave characterized by a special electromagnetic structure.

When this characteristic vibration is not present, it means that the functioning of the cells is wrong: their vibration is "out of phase".

Even slight confusion phase is enough to drive a degenerative process that will lead to ever greater disorder.


3) How is it possible invisible radiation affect the functioning of a body ?

Science Physics explains:

The body is generally much less '' hard '' from what meets the eye; we could even say that it is more liquid than the '' hard '' and also being composed of atoms and molecules is also more empty (99.9%) than full (0.1%) '!

It can easily be pierced by radiation, including not particularly powerful.

Turenne checks show that the most influential (in a negative and a positive sense) are precisely those with "low intensity".

The body is further set of special molecules (DNA, protein chains, lipids, enzymes, etc.), which due to their special nature of the order in which the atoms are connected to each other.

Who determines the order of '' hook '' of different atoms to form molecules? These are enzymes.

They work as catalysts in a cellular environment (like not very thick gelatin) with precision electromagnetic characteristics.

Enzymes act as sensitive "magnets", which attract the ions, which are also charged positively or negatively, so as to form pre-set atomic chains.

When the intensity or polarity of the electromagnetic field in the plasma cell change (and this happens every time a radiation wave passes through the cell), the very life of the cell suffers from this, the construction of the molecules is not carried out correctly. At this stage, the cell may be potentially identifiable, in as much as its transmitting frequency is no longer optimal.

If the situation does not quickly return to normal, the cell dies or goes crazy, producing unnecessary molecules or those that directly harm the body.


4) Which broadcasts can generate disorders?

On this topic views are different, for example, considered by many harmless radiation for Terrene are extremely dangerous:

  • Electrons 'fired' from the cathode ray tube TV or computer (thousands per second);

  • Radiation in the operation of any electric motor;

  • Radiation due to the wave of electricity passing by wires or leaks in the walls of the home or in the cabin of the vehicle;

  • Radiation of cell phones;

  • And a group of specific waves, defined as telluric, which include a series of broadcasts due to various mineral elements into existing geological structure of the subsoil. (See. Sciences, No... 239 July, 1988)

  • And others that we shall address in this post.


5) What diseases can generate?

Usually it is a disease arising slowly or modifications that can pin down separate bodies that are more exposed or less protected (e.g., irritation, and allergic diseases of the eye). Diseases and disorders that persist after a period of drug therapy or improved by changing the position or change the habits of life. In general, chronic disease and other degenerative diseases or tumor characteristics. Harmful radiations are increasingly responsible for the increasingly inadequate immune system's ability to perform its functions.


6) How can we protect ourselves?

The body should have its natural protection, something like an electromagnetic shield (AURA), but increasingly nowadays this shield weakened, reducing its protective character, so that the weakest radiation can reach and destabilize the cell... The reasons for this weight loss are easily recognizable: the waves of hereditary defects, absorbed and accumulated in time harmful waves, physical and psycho-physical stress, and nervous disorders, progressive biochemical changes due to disease or serious drug therapies or radiotherapy


Here Turenne participates at three different levels:

A – Reclamation and environmental protection.

Б – Electromagnetic phasing cell colloids.

В – Strengthening and harmonization the whole body.



A – Reclamation and environmental protection

It is very important to eliminate sources of electromagnetic disturbances inside the home. In modern homes, except for possible harmful wave’s theoretical character or groundwater, surely there is a serious saturation of electric waves (very dangerous) because there are wires in all walls, TVs and computers and antennas on the roofs, etc. It is to these sources to sever using specific emitters of neutralizing waves with very low energy (Turenne-protectors of the environment).

The radiation and information generated by the radiators is limited to those already present in the environment, but with a changed frequency to the resonance values, harmonious with that of healthy cell plasma.



B – Electromagnetic phasing cell colloids

After they have been corrected external fields of disturbance should occur intervention to correct the internal. Therefore Turenne has created special protectors - catalysts waves. They emit a specific frequency (according to the type of offense, lack or contamination which must be impact) that are capable of restoring the cell phase shift - and hence ill - right vibrator and energetic balance.

This allows them to synthesize, in the right sequence and with the correct number, all the molecules necessary for a healthy life. 



C – Strengthening and harmonization the whole body

In achieving health, as all well aware, the state is not and could not be sustained as the man lives and living, he consumed mixed with all the other realities of the surrounding and the society therefore is not only appropriate, but and is necessary to maintain a high level and be strengthened electromagnetic protect the whole organism.

Difficult and almost impossible to imagine what is all this "trafficking" in wave’s invisible wires, which are attributed responsibilities of any kind?  Imagination can help...

If instead of being invisible harmful vibrations were visible matter, certainly could have been a black well...! 

So if you fall into a black well, you will die. 

An environment with harmful wave is the same thing, but I do not see it so we stay inside and slower though, you can still die. And just because the 5 senses do not catch anything!

So far, the topic was the electromagnetic body and the body of organic matter, but not all of them easy to imagine their characteristics and functions. From a scientific point of view is not at all correct, but often have to help with the images of our imagination.

All we are familiar with those 'trenches' who buy into notions waded and which are a very fine fabric of holes on which the printed figure. The embroiderers then using strings already set by the stamp color will cover the entire drawing with thread and receive tapestry!

So, standing beneath canvas on which information is already pre-defined, consistent with the electromagnetic body, but added over her threads match the body of flesh and blood.

If damaged body wave (if the canvas has a hole), the thread can no longer be placed, because there is no longer support on which to build!

Wave body can be fixed only if using another wave!

If, however, the material body (thread) is damaged or exhausted any good the embroiderers (therapist) will be able to fix it. To use the same idea, '' drugs '' match '' wave ''.



                                                                        In conclusion the method Turenne:


.... Is a necessary support for all organisms to? 

- predispose to real health;

- avoid too easy crashes Our health ;

- To make the treatment effective and easier recovery;

- to prevent significant degeneration;
- Slow aging.



Therefore has absolute priority, because it is the basis of everything! Not just for some but for everyone: healthy, sick, etc.! Can and should become a new system of life!!!


It should be noted that:


If initially was not prepared electromagnetic structure of the environment and the person, no food, no medicine and no medicine can not be truly effective.