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To date, the scientific community has been divided into two sectors:

  • The one that deals with matter, i.e. with organisms.

  • The one that does not deal with the matter and with waves.

In the first sector scientists observed matter, trying to understand, design and implement experiments with matter on the matter. Medicine, for example, is one such case: analyzed, treated is operating is to examine chemical drugs or physiotherapy or minerals for the material body.

In the second case, the scientists observed phenomena which "generate" matter, and study it as formed and transformed.


Remember these questions:

Why are there diseases in the world? Why all, sooner or later, suffer? Whether because of some earthly curse? Among this difficult time, what is the point to talk about health? So what exactly people call "health"?

The answers are in the discoveries of Terrene  humanity is bad for millennium and who knows for how long future fault of their own (that is the fault of each of us, through the fault of a lazy ignorance, which for centuries drag) and the fault of the very nature of the Planet.



1° we already are born with a deficiency of the first elements (constituting the body structure) and given that no one knows who they are, no one replaces them and so the shortage is increasing. We realized that each of these elements we needed insanely, each has a specific task and it can not joke ... .We note that these elements we do not accept by food or take some of them and not speaking, that the body uses them ... but they are 44 in number and they are all we need!...

we are born with  "stamps", с  with hereditary disabilities, whose vibration us "pulling down" permanently and continuously! That if we talk only about  "prints" But let's talk about our"tissue"matter?

 over nine months are formed in the womb - where vibration environment is far from ideal vibration of 8 m.... But it is a miracle that appears in our well-formed bodies! And then go out from one medium to vibration (mother belly), which is always "bad vibration".

(Compared to 8 meters), and we immediately catapulted to another medium, whose vibration is even lower (environment)....!



According to you, what kind of health ... and twill have little creature?

When a child is born - until all are happy ... Does not understand the poor that many will soon begin to have problems and so will be as alive!!!

You will say:  " Such is life!!" Well, but we have another idea about it!

Many people say: "We have to be optimistic, to hope!"

Optimistic? Let's hope? .... Humanity has thousands and thousands of years ...

Want to say that there has never been filled with hope and optimism?

Well, if the result is  "that our modern world"we must admit that optimism and hope not served much! Should be pushing to have to be pushing!!!

Speaking of "prevention", would not it be appropriate to look more seriously at these discoveries Turenne???




Turenne appointed it as "general" because it sums up the waves emitted by the material body (cells, tissues, organs, etc ...) and those waves that have a fine character, but penetrate more and which are emitted from other parts of the human being (spiritual component flows of energy, etc.).

Is it possible to have a common wave length 8 m? And any tissue or organ with waves below 8 m. It is possible!!!  

This is due to the contribution of the waves emitted by our fine dimension: in principle a strong Spirit together with the conscious, correct and secure cultural level produced many positive waves’ biochemical organism and "raise" total wave up to 8 m.!

From these findings begin to form the conclusion that health depends not only on biochemical and vibrator body condition.

When the total wave of health is 8 m., although the presence of bodies not vibrates properly, it means that the person has to work on himself, including on their "thin" dimension (Spirit and Culture).

Eng. Turenne insists required to somehow get to the state in which we have total length of wave of health 8 meters.

It is that which, with its well structured vibration sends corrective and remedial Waves to those parts of the body not vibrating at this length.





EL.D. This is a kind of natural electricity contained in the cells, which gives life to the cells themselves. The name comes from Electricity Disintegration.

This is a special form of electricity - different from the familiar to us, it has a natural origin and is necessary for a healthy life of cells (with  44-first  elements).

Moreover Turenne makes a serious recommendation:  If we have a shortage or even worse, if we lack this wave, we can not claim to be healthy in any way!

After this statement means that it is imperative in the body to integrate this special wave and that once and for all, you must know that it is unnecessary to look for other reasons (they will be safe, but not primary) for thousands and thousands of always scant disorders and disease states.

Incidentally absence of this  LED.,  the cells are filled with harmful artificial waves of electricity, it is this presence, which determines in large part the formation of cancer, tumors, etc. . and forming the ideal habitat for viruses, bacteria and animal parasites.



44 METALS/ MINERALS (first elements on atomic scales)

It is about 44 first atomic elements that make up the structure of the human body: these are minerals, metals, metalloids and rare gases. Eng. Turenne found their numbers and identifies them (around the beginning of 1900). You should know that today is not all that are detected and identified by Turenne, are known to physics and medicine.

All, however, it is known that each of these elements has its own function in the body, and that together with the other, they form the human body and its various functional activities: for example it is known that magnesium is essential for nervous system, brain, and so on .n .... globules of iron, calcium for bones, etc.

What happens to the body if the 44 elements do not reach or vibrate? 

Everything happens:

- Total structural and functional weight loss  (by the principal or cerebellum). Perhaps no one said it clearly, but let us recall that the whole organization of functional systems of the body is controlled and depends on the brain and cerebellum.

If these two bodies (with adjacent nerve systems - medulla and sympathetic system "not in placebecomes almost useless to treat other organs, such as liver or intestines, bones and more.

Immune defenses as a result of this collapse and the person becomes more susceptible to fatigue and infections:

Due to the body's inability to manage its functions, we jam with dead cells metabolism - toxins produced by the organism itself and not taken out (real poison), must be formed triglyceride concentrations and accumulation of cholesterol. The body is now unable to produce good cholesterol HDL, which is very useful to remove bad cholesterol ...!


ONE VERY IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER. The data that you will find in our table group "44 metal" do not indicate the amount (weight) of chemical elements in their condition and the way they vibrate. When their vibration emitted wave length 8 m., they take a similar induction of them in the atmosphere (in colloidal form) and, if necessary, our body them  "catalyze- attracts" directly and automatically.  In general, for lack doctor prescribes complexes in chemical form (such advertising has many), but in the light of the findings of Turenne - taking them may be useless  (especially if purchased minerals have vibration 8 m.And even could not hurt.

To resolve this problem Turenne offers Catalyst  44 metals,which can make you vibrate in 8 meter length 44 elements in the body (no matter what their weight) and then  – with the Law of Induction - will accept them outside for catalysis wave yuyuyuyuyu!!!






Definition of brain reflexes was given personally by Turenne in those times. This is a measure of whether the electrical activity of the brain, and transmission of electrical impulses (we mean natural power of the body) within the central nervous system and thence to the entire body are correct.

Functionality of any body depends on the Chief and cerebellum. It is known that these major organs must submit "correct commandsto various other authorities...
When these commands are not correct, it appears impossible given authority to heal....................... What is the most common reason for the decline of brain wave Reflexes? Already touched upon this topic in the section on the Zodiac.

This is over the work of the braini.e. an excessive and intensive thought. This would mean most worried are exercising intellectual professions, but this is not true. You have an idea of the endless amount of symbols and information that the brain is forced to work in a car? Road signs, billboards, lights and movement of other vehicles.  We do not know, do not think about it, we do not see it, but our brain sees them and have to "digest" all... Do you have any idea how our brain gets tired, when we are watching TV?  And we, the poor, we think we rest! Do you know what happens in the brain of a child who plays play station? There is nothing  "to his smoke fuses"!" !

Something actually happens in the brain and so, day after day, he is tired and no longer able to perform its tasks properly. Typically, this condition is called "stress".

This is a phenomenon that already affects everyone, regardless of age and skin color. Stress, all use this word are used to it, but do not realize the seriousness of the problem. More serious is that no one recognizes that he is in such a state. Meanwhile, hospitals and outpatient filled with people! But not get there today many suffer from insomnia or other sleep disorders night. What do you think caused it?

Thought, the ability to think is the gift that makes us different and superior to other creatures. Is it possible today humanity to use it so carelessly that can damage???

Indeed, no one has taught us to use it well, on the contrary - and you will agree -More small are enticed to a deliberate strengthening of our Brain system!

We can not avoid thinking.... And then?


We can and must learn to better manage the activities of our brain. For example, every two or three hours to do a few minutes of pause, close our eyes and cry in the memory image of the sun, among many others, that we must have seen.

It is difficult to  "clean full headtherefore only useful way to relax our brain to its "offer" only a picture as that of the Sun precisely. 

On the occasion of the wave emitted by the brain reflexes that we measure, we must recall what has been said on the occasion of the wave of the Zodiac: there are people suffering from something like poverty and depletion of brain organs (especially common today) and others who were born and born already deficient in these organs.



And it is a word that Turenne has chosen to indicate the specific situation of a particular function. It is a little difficult to explain, for many it is not a daily topic of conversation, but let's try.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to distinguish good two specific realities:

  • "Mind," which is a well defined dimension, which generate ideas (but we do not notice it).

  • The brain as a body, in which the mind turns ideas then thought produced and transformed. This fact, however, we notice.

 To clarify, when we say "I have a bunch of thoughts in his head"We talk about "ideas" born in mind, but already outside the brain. In general we do not realize what is really happening in the mind this strange container whose health management we should have devoted more than small. 

Imagine now that the mind produces and discharges in the brain an excessive amount of ideas. (Which is easy to happen to people experiencing major doubts, greater uncertainty and deep internal interference).

The brain, as we have seen before, to brave the mass of information, will be forced to "go into stress" and mostly without need, given that the majority of these mechanisms we are not consciously looking for them!

И така, с термина PSYCHOSIS Turenne measured balance between activity in the "production of ideas" (in mind) and that of the "disposal of ideas" of thought: the brain.


Turenne has seen that it is necessary to keep under control these mechanisms with precise measurements, as it is noticed that the more the wave decreases, the more the person at risk of having a chill conditions even close to madness.




To eliminate mandatory and before everything else! They are in the aura, not bodies. Their waves have vibrators and frequency information corresponding to the disease, which each contain a handicap. Therefore, they are printed in the AURA, they are a door that is open to all diseases having the same frequency:


For Turenne there are 8 kind waves that comprise the "informationof all known hereditary disabilities:: ethylene, syphilitic, tissue, tuberculosis, cancerous, arthritis (rheumatism and gout). The seventh disability concerns the issues the Brain.  (Cases of mental disability among the ancestors) and Cerebellum (all disabilities)In practice it is USELESS to protect from injury if not previously removed waves of inherited disabilities. Do all people are born with such?

Only one (approximately) man has inherited disability among about a thousand!!!




 All diseases broadcast wave’s transmitted information itself of the disease (the seed), and characterized by wavelengths (frequencies) much lower than the correct (8: 2.500.000).


 Waves of "PARA"


With this name (abbreviated by a parasite) Turenne marks an enemy, which is created inside the body due to the continuous atomic decay of our atoms. Exploding, they produce fragments that stick to the injurious way of fragments from other atoms. 

These new agglomerates, in turn, attract to themselves similar fragments until they form a series of crystals with dimensions, which, though invisible, are large enough to stall and block the transit of vital energy.

All tissues and organs to function, they need energy, but if it does not reach them because somewhere is blocked, they are gone ... first infringe functions, and then die.

In view of these phenomena better understand why these are dangerous PARA!!!





Internal animal parasites.These are precisely living "crawlies". We all know the intestinal parasites (pinworms, tapeworms), but it is good to know that there are many different families of parasites which can be established in any part of the body.  Turenne has discovered a colony of them in the brain of man.Insidious are entering even through insect bites or through the pores, or take with food. Moreover, the worst of them are not easily detectable by chemical analysis. With Turenne method we can find them, because if there are alive, they also emit their specific waves and it is through the last we recognize themShould be removed as quickly as possible because they are "fed" with "us" and the food that we takeCaution: in this case is absolutely counterproductive to make re-mineralizing treatment, as it is very likely parasites multiply with even greater force.



Flocculation. This phenomenon is known recently. If present even a small percentage of it, it is always a poison to the body

With our tools reveals the percentage of available flocculation.



These are truly present in the body toxins, thereby produced by the man himself.




These are toxic waves present in the body but are absorbed from the outside in different situations and for different reasons. Already use all the information provided.



When the organs of the human body are considered separately, demonstrate all the features of their structure (structure and components), but no information about their functionality. Turenne, still in the role of physicist and physician, considered it more interesting to examine not only the individual body, but to check with all other bodies and it performs some function. Have examined the 7 basic functions of the human body: Circulation (veins and arteries) vital (kidneys, spinal cord and other vital organs), breathing (lungs, bronchi and their adnexa), nutrition (stomach, duodenum, liver).

Reproduction (testes and prostate in men, ovaries and uterus in women) Glands (all endocrine glands and exocrine) Body (supporting apparatus, skeleton, cartilage, gray matter).


Our analysis consists in checking whether functions are working properly or in any way dysfunction and, if so the fault of the authority.






It is true that control tests for these substances are carried out in chemical laboratories - often sick, but it is also true that it is a matter not directly related to medical topics, but rather with the hygienic condition of the body.

Therefore, taking care not to harm the medical sensitivity, we decided to observe these realities inside the body, especially in terms of their vibratory nature.

When measuring vital waves of a man to be reckoned with the presence of "toxic" substances which, although outside medical conditions preclude reaching the real health.

Good and bad cholesterol, triglycerides are easily detected and the doctor will tell you what to do to fight them. But we are more worried because a group of "toxins" - solid, but mostly gaseous, easily diagnosed clinically, but which apparently is not given enough attention.  

Eng. Turenne spoke strongly about them, calling them "humor"; claimed that they undoubtedly cause wave disturbances, but also psychological, mental, but mostly humoral.

Infinite are the people who have no visible health problems, no diseases and the like, but never feel good... To use a popular expression, such feelings of "bad mood" could actually be due to a kind of humoral "dirt" that circulates inside the body. Recall in this report endlessly talked about the ability to store toxins - both outside and produced by the man himself! We consider it very useful our ability to explore - through a review of the waves - how much and what kind are toxins in the body. There are many disciplines and many specialists who teach us to behave so as not to support the accumulation of "toxins" in the body.


 Analyzing a person (body) with the tools of Turenne and given the fact that we read (examine) the electromagnetic body - The technician can be in a really embarrassing situation, for example:

Technician trained by the Turenne method opens a  "serious problem"  (often emerging pathologies, on which should be acted upon immediatelyand knows that sooner or later the problem will manifest the material level. The human, however, has no symptoms, medicine sees no problem and Technique exercising this method becomes difficult to direct people to treatment by waves. Eng.Turenne meets many such cases and when ....did not believe him, mocked him, except that one day we heard: "Did you know he was right?” . Too bad, sometimes a little more confidence would help.

But there may be opposite case: Medicine says something we did not see.

Not to mention how many times diagnosed tumors and analysis Turenne were none have occurred...! How is this happening?



 Errors with tools?

 something is considered for a tumor that is not it?


.........................We are entering a medical matter....!!! 


Technicians exercising the method Turenne are able to make analyzes of locations of land, internal and external spaces of homes and living beings (animal, plant life, animals).

People often want to know how the technique method Turenne makes its measurements. Just out of curiosity, a useless curiosity.

Question:  Whether when people go to take blood tests from the hospital asking how they made them? Or buying medicine from the pharmacy want to know how it is produced and how it works? Not as it seems. But why do they do that with us? Maybe if you explain to them would understand enough to be satisfied and would have confidence in the method Turenne. But!