Continuing their studies Turenne the mystery of mineral water (heavy water) and reported two discoveries.




Besides their chemical composition the mineral waters, contain an "atomic code" that gives them a "very special", so that they "differ". Turenne identified in nature "7 atomic code" absolutely rare and each Mineral water, if indeed any, must belong to one of them. Do not forget, we're talking about mineral water distributed in the bottle, but also for its thermal springs, which originate.




Examining structural and functional nature of the human body, Turenne found that the combination of all components, thanks to which the body is "formed" and can continue to "live" is BASED on "three nuclear code" and that they are found in mineral waters. Therefore our body "owns" himself THREE of the SEVEN FORMULAS that characterize also each MINERAL WATER from the spring or bottled. But then: What is the importance of these findings? Why all this should concern us?


The answer comes from a later DISCOVERY made by Turenne as he explored what could be the relationship between "nuclear properties" of mineral waters and health of the human body.

It is noticed that every time when "inserted" in the body Mineral water, whose "atomic source" NOT does N correspond to one of the THREE "formulas" inherent human generating process of the collapse of health to the extent of inducing even very serious infringements and diseases.

 Turenne even claims that: long-term use of  "extrinsic" mineral water constitutes. The primary cause of any disease  (unfortunately hidden and therefore mysterious).

 Let us remember, however, that these findings are still advanced.

 Science today does not know them yet and therefore can not diagnose nor to assist us in the fight against this "problem".


From his book VI page 93:

 "I first stated that there are 7 types of Heavy Water of which found their physical formula:  H4O - H4O2 - H4O4 - H4O8 - H4O16 - H4O32

 I easily found samples of these types of water in the deep caves of glaciers Montrak, Rozeg, Rhone and other. All they have vertical positive and NEGATIVE waves and no horizontal, but after 24 hours, they lose their vitality and ... die.

 I found very specific water because its formula is the sum of the other six heavy waters. 

I called it the "GREEN WATER" (green) as it facilitates the phenomenon of "disintegration". GREEN WATER is a very special kind of water so far, unlike the other six, NEVER LOSES ITS STRUCTURAL FEATURES (shape and vibration) and therefore it is always ALIVE!

Waves of GREEN WATER are very beneficial health effect and therefore I brought and produced from them a catalyst to enable everyone to take advantage of it at any time. I also found that: each Mineral water being such, contain one and only ONE Heavy Water."


And again from his book VI° page 106:

"He has come to here and have all the necessary material, I was able to relate the waves of 7 Heavy leads to human sea waves also taking into consideration every organ, gland, tissue, minerals and metals in the human body, etc ...

 After many tests on a lot of people, I established “law":  Закон. – Law. – Every human has in its organic and magnetic structure from the moment of birth and for ever 3 Heavy waters (only 3).  When the human body inserted in one or more of its heavy water equivalent of its waves health rise significantly, but assuming water other than any of these 3, then its waves on health are reduced even more significant extent.  


Note:  If people were introduced one or more heavy water NONCONFORMING its 3, it can be '' causes many serious diseases. '' . The problem in this case is twice as serious as this type of '' root cause '' is hidden, no one would suggest for her and a single specialist chemist or biochemist can not distinguish it.  My work therefore consists in finding the "cures" for issues that meet and therefore to eliminate such "root causes of disease" (which occurs in many people) made a Catalyst authorizing this problem entirely. (Available on request)

 Given the importance of this "discovery" had to invent special instruments that myself, my staff, with a simple overview, we can recognize:

1° - To which category "Heavy Water" belongs some mineral water;

2° - Which are the 3 Heave waters, which by birth are inherent in every person. 



Mineral waters (which are heavy water) have their own individual "nuclear properties"

Every living human being has in itself  ONLY THREE of these ''formulas''

! Drinking mineral water CONFORMING to any of our three personal, GET SICK.



  1° We need to understand what our personal THREE Mineral waters arethose that make you feel good!

  2° You need to know which "CATEGORY" belongs mineral water before you drink

       3° Should immediately introduce in action PROPER water!


To find out who your "Three personal water" refer to the Association. 

To find out the properties of mineral water commercially .....


Here we should note, for our study mineral waters marketed in the Republic of Bulgaria.


1) Gorna Banya   colour  Orange   formula H4O16
2)Devin           colour  Orange   formula H4O16
3) Belisima   colour  Yellow   formula H4O8
4) Hisar   colour  Green   formula H4O4
5) Evian     colour  Green   formula H4O4
6) Serdika    colour  Green   formula H4O4
7) Bankya     colour  Green   formula H4O4
8) Baldaran   colour  Blue  
  formula H4O2
9) San Terra      colour  Blue   formula H4O2
10) Klisura      colour  Blue   formula H4O2
11) Predela   colour  Blue   formula H4O2
12) Savina   colour  Blue   formula H4O2
13) Velingrad   colour  Blue   formula H4O2
14) Divna    colour Indigo   formula H4O
15) Iceberg   colour Indigo   formula H4O
16) Bachkovo   colour Indigo   formula H4O
17) Kom   colour Indigo   formula H4O
18) Lenovo   colour Indigo   formula H4O
19) Persena   colour Indigo   formula H4O


To be continued.... 

For investigated from the Association mineral water, selling in World wide trade net, please enter...here 





You need to know that all water SHOULD BE "decontaminated and revitalized"  (PLUGS /Water Shaper/ )

Do not let be "suspended or frightened" by the fact that the family should use different waters. We are against the usual problem: "If your Health is your motive and trust what we learn (we lucky) of the discoveries of Turenne, not this inconvenience should stop you!! After all we learned; do NOT SHOW CONFIDENCE in the treatment with mineral water before you ''compared'' the compatibility between you and the water!!! (It’s unbelievable how many return from treatment sicker than before! They'll never know what happened, and their doctor!)





D Help! I always drank the "wrong water" should fix this, but how?

R - In this case there is ONLY one remedy: Catalysts  EAU VERTE and PARA


D - I was prescribed (for example ) water content of sulfur,what to do ?

R It is possible that this "quality" to be present in any of your three waters: Look for it.


D - I'm institution or guest, can I drink mineral water, which offer me?

R - If it is a different case, no problem water becomes “dangerous” if it is often consumed!


D I do not know yet my "3 personal water", what to do?

R Use from the tap, or use each time different brands of water!


D - I was recommended  treatment with mineral water, but can not conduct such, what options do I have?

R At home you can consume "prescribed" you spring water (as long as it is compatible with you) in the bottle. In this case, you will need specific revitalizing Cap /Water Shaper / - . We remind you, in any case, that "warm spring" is not only the water itself is beneficial, but also because "spot" add "vibration (H4O ....)", which are characteristic of water in groundwater layers. For this reason, the "treatment" of the mineral spring is more effective. For the same reason, however, if the water is not "right" and it becomes more "damaging”!!!