We must begin the presentation of this text with a story about the life of Louis Turenne



Louis Turenne was born on March 21, 1872, on the street. '' Mobyozh '' 81 in Paris. In the family he lived with four brothers and two sisters. Three of his brothers end with him the prestigious Ecole Central, while the youngest of them will die in the battle of Verdun. Father manages the family business on the street. '' C. Silvestri '' in Kurbyovoaz- company for drilling wells, building pumps for the extraction of water and potable water installations. The factory Turenne worked mainly in rural areas where wells were required for the cultivation of land. As often happens today in some rural areas to find the correct location of the well was resorted to '' water seeker '' that the generations have passed down the secrets of the "stick of hazel." Turenne is a good student in secondary and primary school, and then enrolled at the engineering faculty of Ekon Central Arts and Crafts, which together with the Polytechnic is part of the "Great universities" in France.


He graduated in 1893 with a thesis on electromagnetism. After graduation started working with his father in the family business, entrained in geology and naturally learns the art of "water seekers." Scientific acquired at the university mind-set is immediately confronted with the culture and magical mystical beliefs "water seekers." The water seeking practice produces results with a significant degree of reliability never happened company Turenne is to dig wells in the places indicated by water seekers without there was open water. Strange as it may seem Turenne has proved facing a set of rules and methods that gave predictable results with accuracy close to 100%. Somewhere in all these strange rules and beliefs should be hiding Science. He will spend the rest of his life studying these phenomena in an attempt to "extract '' from this amazing amalgam of rules is deposited one above the other over the centuries, the pure geometric structure of a scientific law.


In 1915, he joined as an officer in the artillery of the French army and in 1916 participated in the historic Battle of Verdun in which his brother died. 
Turenne, war veteran, was appointed in 1917 as professor of telegraphy in the artillery school in Fontainebleau, where he will meet and get acquainted with the great General Ferrier.

It will then be awarded the Legion of Honor and a Military Cross, the two largest French military honors. During the war, he meets his future wife, a nurse, who with great passion and interest in following up the work of her husband, standing firmly behind his opinions.


After the war Turenne returned to its entrepreneurial activity by developing a father, making it one of the most important French enterprises in the fields of water, heating and electricity. His home and his office on the street '' Shazle '' 19 became the most important meeting place for lovers and practitioners of such techniques "carbon capture and measure the waves." Very soon he decided to start real courses and this decision will enable him to control his theories, offering "students" its geological and biological analyzes, comparing them with reference statistical results. 
After 1931 as a result of this series of courses and verifications, it will start publishing the results of their research. These periodic publications will be implemented over the next two years and will come in the form of ten volumes, of which the last two posthumously under the authorship of his wife. (10 books in its original version, and its tools, personal belongings, his Pa-Kua its individual witness, etc., are stored at the headquarters of the Association).


The impact that has had Turenne on the development and recognition of this "new school" in France seems to be significant, at least in the view of Paul Rebu known journalist of his time, who published in his memory in the "Nis Matin" the following:

Paul Rebu

 "After the death of Augusto Lumiere thought cruel fate that shortly before it was strike on the French Science, was saturated.  The sudden death of Louis Turenne is a new "hit" of fate! 

  Those who know the importance of the work he left behind, all those who are familiar with this power of work and thought that it was preserved until recently, they were shocked by this tragic news.

When one disappears so exquisite mind, we realize that the world lost one of their riches. When he died such a good man, so gracious to the suffering so hard seeking means to improve human existence to the pain away, to make death wait, we have a feeling that a shadow has fallen over us.

 One of the lights suddenly went out of the Spirit and begins to understand that Louis Turenne was in terms of research and knowledge of the human waves what was Claude Bernard psychology and Louis Pasteur bacteriology. He has led forward a rambling science that resurrected.

He led to the experiment, to reason, to discipline a practice intentioned minds, but too imaginative, mingled with magical practices....

Since the beginning of his career, Louis Turenne was a scientist who ardently is young students listened officers in the biggest messes school where taught wireless transmission.

 His insight, his sanity, his effort never to depart from what is measured and proves allowed him to draw up "tracts," imbued with the mathematical precision of the science of waves for radio, for the Law of like, positive for radioactivity, for heavy water and many other real-world things ...

He has created precision instruments for all those who have wandered into disorderliness of the "new science". It has exciting initiatives. Raised a "veil of mysterious laws," he revealed them and them fixed. He entered in an unexplored area of discovery.

  Miracles of which he was a discoverer gave him some "glory" against which stood as always envious, spiteful, and rigid. They are faced him, revered scientist in court! Was first released, and then sentenced.

But! In these are characters, which detect Glory ... the more elevated, the more of the hazards being exposed.

  Louis Turenne than half a century ago, it is one of the first scientist’s water seekers.... Dahl is waving their Science as Branly has refined the principles of wireless transmission and as the Lumiere brothers invented cinema. And those great names should be ordered, on Turenne. He will live in the history of French science.

  He will live in the heart of all those who knew him as a friend as he was."


Honor dedicated to Turenne will be partly evidenced in a commemorative article published in the periodical of the association of former students of the Ecole Central Arts and Crafts, released in May 1955. During the interwar period Turenne studying and working. And visited many countries in connection with work or training.

Honor dedicated to Turenne will be partly evidenced in a commemorative article published in the periodical of the association of former students of the Ecole Central Arts and Crafts, released in May 1955. During the interwar period Turenne studying and working. And visited many countries in connection with work or training.

Geology is one of the sectors that make the most extensive studies, carried out studies of minerals in Mexico, where he found a gold deposit on behalf of a private company in Romania, where he found oil for a public organization.

In Morocco discovered veins of various minerals by the Company of Moroccan mines. Throughout his life he discovered about 8,000 aquifers, among which those of Evian and Vittel. At the outbreak of World War II in the occupation of France by German troops he left Paris and lived illegally in Eymutie, a town not far from Limoges, on the western slopes of the Massif Central. The reasons for this "necessary" apparently due to political and operational problems-Turenne actually cooperated with the armed forces involved in the conflict and have been several attempts to kidnap him from enemy forces. You would not consider such attempts impossible, if you knew Eng. Turenne, wherever it is located, thanks to his method is locating fuel, military camps, technical means for air and land assaults and attacks on water.

For six years living in Limousin cooperate as a scientific consultant of a regional newspaper "Liberté de Santra." During this time studied the geological structure of the region and Limousin three years, he needed to find a rich uranium reserves, coordinates, size and depth. It keeps the news secret until liberation, and then sent a letter to the National Center for Scientific Research of France requesting certification of its instruments to accompany this request with all the ritual documentation and indications of uranium deposits in Limousin.

After about a year correspondence French National Center for Scientific Research refused to certify his equipment, saying that the methods used for the discovery can not be absolutely considered as a tool for research. Turenne then decided to apply directly to the National Organization for Atomic Energy, at the time chaired by F.Zholio Curie. The answer to one of the directors of this center angers Turenne, who then decided to turn to private F.Zholio Curie. Frustrated and then he decided to announce the news to the public with an article in "Liberté de Santra" from September 14, 1946 publication caused great public noise and many national dailies reflect case. Besides the impact on real estate prices (land prices skyrocket in the area and this was the main reason for reticence Turenne), it seems there are consequences in political terms.

Robert Schmidt, a former member of the General Assembly of the Haute-Vienne region will write of Turenne, six years later, in 1952 on the occasion of the process in which Turenne was charged with unlawful exercise of medical activity:

"It was surprising to me the difficulties that you were created: there will always be people willing to deny the obvious and reject new methods, without even bothering to give them investigates. As for myself, I realized the seriousness and scientific quality of your business.
() With regard to the demand for groundwater, I can confirm that Solinyak able to find water exactly at the place specified by you on the plan of that depth and that flow that have been identified, and that regardless of official warnings which did not recommend to conduct these studies claim that this place is not possible to have water. 
Finally you are the first to suggest the presence of Uranus in Limousin, as indicated to map the locations of reserves; () Your job cause great turmoil in the Commissariat for Atomic Energy, which has always maintained that it is not possible existence of Uranus in this area.  
Now, several years later, these gentlemen ascribe credit for this discovery ... (...). "


As to the authorship of the discovery of uranium deposits in the Limousin, the newspaper '' Espoar de Niss '' on June 17, 1952 in an article the journalist Francis Rico takes a position and witness documents in favor of the primacy of the discovery of Turenne.

Turenne interests still are not limited to research and geological studies, but in terms of physics and examined the relationship between the health of the body and electromagnetic emissions, whether they are inherent in the body or present in the inhabited area.

During these your research he actively cooperated with many famous doctors, Dr. Rui - his '' medical '' advisor, Dr. Avellino, one of the medics who deal in terms of statistics, with the relationship between environment and health geo biological ( his writings were studied in the School of Hartman) prof.Nebel known oncologist in Lausanne with whom he has studied the impact of electromagnetic radiation in the formation of tumors and in the diagnosis and treatment of degenerative forms of the blood such as leukemia, Dr. Alexis Carrel , famous French physiologist, Nobel laureate and incidentally the author of the famous philosophical and spiritualistic work entitled '' Man this unknown '', with whom he studied the radiation emitted water and their impact on human health, Eng. Bovis known researcher and scholar in the field of vibratory phenomena, but also the inventor of method of measuring waves.

This "jumping the border" to the medical sector caused him still many problems of a legal nature that finds its culmination in the charges formulated by the Union of illegal medical practice of medical activity. Turenne was probably a man with a reputation as far as we have the accurate reconstruction of the process thanks to the articles that appeared on this occasion "Nis Matin" in the period after 10.21.1952, the one Turenne and his student (also accused) are protected by two lights in the area the lawyers Beselere and Florio.


The court will rule on the case on 10 November justifying Turenne and his student formulated by the Union of nurses and condemnation Union of symbolic fine of one franc for the damage caused.


Besides all above Louis Turenne makes research findings and scientific research in the field of:

The magnetic field and the magnetic spectrum

  • Magnetic projectile, its length and wave height

  • The discovery of the magnetic spectrum in non-magnetic bodies


The discovery of the law of similarity (harmonic resonances)


The discovery of magnetic waves reflected: radio magnetism

  • Primary and secondary reflected lights reflected lights

  • Reflected lights between geometrically identical figures

  • Generators primary carrier waves: mechanical and nuclear surges

  • The mechanism of the magnetic induction


Study of nuclear structure

  • The magnetic atom

  • Mechanics waves


Study of light and color

  • The discovery of infrared and ultra waves of color


Study radio

  • The discovery of the radio spectrum

  • Color spectrum and radio (III-25)

  • Division 7 period (wave heights)

  • The classification of all items in the nature of linear Turenne.


Classification of the waves of the horizontal and vertical

  • Radioactive decay: horizontal waves - wave’s Vertical

  • "The icy phenomenon"

  • Waves Moon

  • Sun waves

  • Composition of the atmosphere

  • The phenomenon catalysis wave


Studies on water

  • Distilled water, eight-meter wavelength

  • The group of heavy water. 

  • The mineral waters 

  • And special mineral waters 

  • Green water

  • Oil and heavy water 


    Magnetization of water, water and magnetic field

  • Subterranean waters

  • Seawater


Studies on wave forms

  • Crystal systems

  • The waves of geometric shapes

  • Solenoids and spirals

  • Radioactivity circles

  • Ellipses, parabolas and hyperboles

  • The Cross


Studies on the numbers and mathematical formulas

  •  Arabic numerals

  • Geometric shapes and series


Studies of "vibratory archeology"

  • Emissions of ancient symbols

  • Mummification


Animal studies

Studies of plants

Studies of food

Study drugs

Studies of human

  • Mystery of Life
  • The antenna structure of man

  • The water in the body, the three heavy water

  • Emissions of the body, measuring health

  • Cell functionality and flocculation

  • 44 - they "First element" the human body

  • Masculine and feminine

  • Hereditary deficiencies and ways to "erase"

  • Depression

  • 7 functions of the organism

  • Fingerprints

  • Waves emitted from the eyes

  • Blood and "balance of power" between red and white corpuscles


Adverse health waves

  • Definition of harmful wave

  • Harmful waves produced by artificial electric current

  • Harmful waves coming from the subsoil

  • Harmful waves of infected homes

  • Harmful waves produced by cars, planes, ships

  • Harmful waves produced by diseased organisms

Summary of the contents of the 10 books of Turenne

As he himself admits in the preface to his first book, a large part of his scientific training he owes to the university Ecole Central. Let us remember that today it is high school in France, which makes the selection difficult and one of the best at European level. Founded in the early XIX century by the will of Napoleon among its teachers and students find the best representatives of the French scientific and cultural environment: Frezenel, Ampere and Sadi Carnot, to name only a few names. 
Thesis on the topic of Louis radio and wireless radio transmission are evidence of first-research spirit moved young Turenne. 
In the late 1800s already knew a lot about electromagnetism, at least from a theoretical point of view, thanks to the work of Faraday, Maxwell, Hertz and also Alessandro Volta, who, with the opening of the battery allow Explorers to use currents higher and most controllable intensity.  
This thesis has allowed him to deepen his knowledge in the field of broadcasting and distribution of the waves and the mechanisms that regulate the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.
This knowledge will be needed for a proper assessment of his work. 
As for his scientific training, we can say that Eng. Turenne had the best possible time for technical and scientific education.

"Hull" of his works can be divided into three groups:

  • the first of which is composed of five books written in the period from 1931 to 1935

  • the second one is composed of three items written in the period from 1942 to 1952

  • the third consists of three books came out posthumously in 1959 under the leadership of his wife and Colonel de Bloa.

From a formal point of view, his writing style is restrained, though sometimes seem gusty text written in popular language is constantly interrupted by comments from the "Remarks", that somehow they want to emphasize the importance of a thought, which wants more to stop and stress than to find and continuation and development.

Certainly not inclined to refinement and elegance of the composition of popular language, he often falls into panting from the accumulation similar, unrelated topics. More than reasonable and synthetic exposure to theory and experimental protocols, his style seems like a daily diary of his experiments, a string of annotations of phrases that are a prelude to a speech in which subsequently lost the trail.

Although his style to style more reminiscent of Faraday than that of Maxwell still surprising how this boiling of ideas, hypotheses and experimental mass is subject to an accurate geometry of effects that unfolds from one book to another, following the most classic canons of scientific and popular theme of the XIX century.

Consistently statement of magnetism, optics, electricity, electromagnetism, radioactivity and all this discreetly highlights how his case was not based on the rift, but rather interferes with a continuous scientific and cultural continuity, giving nevertheless priority to certain aspects more than other.



The only work that its scientific weight, but not its fullness and depth can be compared with that of Turenne is the work of Professor. Kalegari (Effect K -1947). The main mechanism offered by Kalegari (Induction of earthly electromagnetic field on the "hesitant chain Man") is very similar to that offered by Turenne, 16 years earlier, to the extent that it raises doubts about reading his books. Suspicion that increases when Kalegari illustrates important variables:

Fundamental beam  ( = divisions on the ruler of Turenne)

Serial number (= identification of elements) 

Phenomena associated with angles and reflection (= Book II °) 

the phenomenon of mutual influence (= sympathetic currents) 

Properties Witnesses (= discussed extensively by Turenne).

As Turenne and Kalegari shared theory that the electronic configuration defines '' broadcasting '' properties of the elements, but also Kalegari, like Turenne offers classification of items by color. 

However, the similarities stop to the results; conducted experiments to reach them, differ deeply with each other, though both operate fully confident in proximity to electromagnetic phenomena. This in our view is an important element.
Two researchers with specific scientific and technical knowledge committing serious but very different from each other attempts, going finally to very similar results.

Other indirect confirmations, or if you prefer ordinary similarities are contained in the writings of Hartmann or those of Avellino.

In 1950/60, there were noteworthy and works of Louis Kevran (Director of Conferences at the University of Paris), who with his book "The evidence biology of low-energy transmutations" (Paris, 1975) confirms the possibility of low-energy fusion or degradation.

And also the work of the American biologist Frank Brown, who studies the effects of magnetic fields on the body, the program launched by NASA in 1960 on bio-magnetism, stressful impact on the animals in applying the unnatural magnetic fields studied by Dr. Robert Baker New York, as well as the relationship between the change of the potential and the intensity of the measured nerve currents, and finally the modern theories of electromagnetic waves Myers.

If these scientific convergences add other than cultural or anthropo-religious character will see that a whole represents a separate solid structure, which would be worth to be studied with great care.

One of the positive elements of the utmost importance that eventually emerge from this work of Turenne is represented precisely by all these convergence.

And it is usually a good sign for a possible general validity.

Turenne has found an increasingly confusing and often obscure meanders of modern science Ariadne's thread that keeps us connected with that past that the man represents the entry point and perhaps also starting his earthly experience.

Atonement, eternal provocation to the human mind, finding unity in diversity is instinct, the instinct that leads to all science, phenomena separation and the smallest parts and reconstruct them again in this reconstruction are found again at -Internal laws.

What makes the work of this man daring and fascinating is not subversion and unexpected connection of laws and disciplines, apparently very distant from each other. Characters in this show were and are: electromagnetism and the weak force.

The weak interaction, the force opened in physics. Last precisely because it is the weakest, most "bad use" Cinderella forces in nature. It does not move like planets gravity, not even so compelling as electromagnetism and the strong interaction, but probably, as in the tale prince..... dance with her!

Forces that do not like Turenne explores therefore proscenium and operate in the folds of physics, always hidden from stronger events.

The case of Turenne seems almost like a historical novel; where on disputed and obvious to all structure of formal science weaves an invisible physics history because of its modest size.

And all of these waves studied by Turenne, ideally intervene in the big canvas, outlined by science today; and give humanity a new and yet ancient sense.

Ancient rituals, the functionality of the pyramid structures of Stonehenge and Druidic dolmens reveal their intimate relationship with the small laws of physics one that escapes us, a more metaphysical physics, until entering the confines of pure spirituality that was always seen as the true creator of the ancient cultures of people.

A long thread of continuity links the different ages and religions in geographical and historical space, until that great and wonderful cultural synthesis, with all its wealth of symbols and rituals that are now showing up as not only rich and mysterious meanings enlightened, but -has research.




The preface of his book VIII-ma (Medicine and waves - 1952)

"I wanted to wait to reach 80 years and the results of my numerous checks before publishing these works. I'll be at the end of his life, I created a scientific instrument that can merge the Science, Science for waves all the ancient and modern methods aimed to raise humanity and make not so painful to stay Earth unfortunate '' Devoid of Health '', so numerous in all countries. Thank Physicians chemists, researchers and my numerous students who were willing to help me thanks to their expertise, their advice and encouragement in the implementation of this scientific work dedicated to our fellows. In order for my work to be understood as the work "cohesive" all disciplines to improve operating the welfare of human beings".


Two years later Turenne will end her life, in 1954during the banal surgery on gallbladder, held at the insistence of a friend, a famous surgeon. This is a small stone, which apparently is not causing any particular problems. "But why not remove it?" He said the famous surgeon - "You're running around, and even in the deserts ...." a deep veil of secrecy "has covered and continues to cover this whole story ....


The death of Turenne.... until today.

At the end of World War II Laboratories Turenne enjoyed great popularity and worked intensively: whole 31 people were regularly employed to work under the direction of Turenne. The French government, which at the time exercised a protectorate over North Africa (Maghreb), Turenne has entrusted the task of conducting surveys for the presence of minerals in the subsoil of Morocco. In those lands engineer Turenne lived almost continuously now in the branch in Casablanca, then the one in Marrakech. Besides his other work, '' those lands '' he was able to deepen his research on '' The waves of shape. '' Due to the absence of Nice laboratory management was entrusted to Colonel de Blois, dear old friend of his wartime research.

Two great figures of women crowned figure of Turenne at that time: his wife and his '' aunt '' Mademoiselle Mariette (which, being his aunt at the time of his youth, was clearly older).

Mrs. Turenne, his wife, a woman of class, followed her husband in Morocco and in the many trips abroad, well received in the Embassy capable of social relationships at a very high level, it is ultimately performed all the tasks imposed by situation.

Often served as her husband; she was involved with meeting with receptions, contracts, etc. Surely a "relief" for her husband, who apparently had a strong pull and character, kind but firm and uncommunicative in some cases.... especially to those of his opponents and his work (which he BRANCH with confidence '' established '' truth).

Ms. Mariette very loved his '' Nephew. '' From small cared for him and was close to him throughout his life attest loyalty reduced to extreme.

Turenne family had no children ... All the attention and care of the two '' women '' were directed only to him, the Engineer! Have competed in their love for him .All exploration and discovery of Turenne were located '' an atmosphere of true love '' great respect, especially large '' scientific and moral honesty ''!

Meanwhile in Nice on the street. '' De Fleur '' is boiling activity and work has increased.

In the years 1948/49 gets on stage, i.e. in the home and in the lab a couple spouses (also without children), attracted by the nature of the activities and studies carried out in laboratories Eng. Turenne.

Mr. Massa Faustino, whose parents are Italian, but of French nationality, a former literature professor at the Institute in Nice and his wife, Mrs. Anita Borghese, the daughter of Italian (from Rovigo) and Swiss mother had to France in search of the '' bread '', as has always said Madame Anita. Massa spouses interested in the method Turenne, who captivates, fascinates them and they dedicate themselves to this method virtually his entire life.

After the death of Turenne (1954) Ms. Turenne, with the passion of a fighter continues to develop all those activities that laboratory has performed, but unfortunately after 1959, when the world left and Colonel de Blois and it remains alone. The years have not passed and all other people who have worked in laboratories, one by one are gone.....

Others are '' very young '' Mr. and Mrs. Massa, who decided not to close the established street. '' De Fleur '' and continue to meet the demands of course within the limits of their capabilities.


One morning in 1972, experiencing its 97th year of Our Mrs. Turenne after its hand over correspondence (which always done it) cried Mariette, Mr. and Mrs. Massa and pronounced these exact words:

"I thank God and all of you, I say to you '' Goodbye '' because after a quarter of an hour leaving this world.". Supports the head of the table covered with green cloth zealously (green color is the one on which spread a wave of Turenne). And dies. (Mr. and Mrs. Turenne buried in Paris Montparnasse Cemetery, the cemetery of celebrities).


Meanwhile Mariette transferred hundred, already fed only with water, but '' the water with plug ‘‘.... (plug, which gives vitality and water today said Water Shaper).

Really experienced legends are told about that time and water with '' plug '' that still maintained a little more life in Miss Mariette!

About family Massa left alone, is hanging there different people ... some familiar from the past, old pupils or their children (method Turenne always bonding the supporters). But very curious. Many really interested, but more than possible commercial aspects rather than '' scientific '' ones.

They have continued, however, to the extent possible, to deliver Catalysts and working tools with hardness are sacred '' duplicate ''. They were heirs (working material Turenne is patented and protected '' subject '' obviously kept secret of its production) System duplication, but because of the age - as always argued - were not able to '' do more studies ''! Shortly after the death of Mademoiselle Mariette in 1974, the home of Turenne-Massa, brought ''by much of wave comes a young Italian, gifted with that, as they themselves have defined the '' same force that possessed Turenne in the study and the study of the waves ''!


This affinity was at first sight! Nobody could not assume but this young Italian has fallen the honor to inherit '' Turenne history '' with all its culture and yet he himself has fallen to "closed his eyes and bury" both spouses loved!

The young man's name was (and thankfully still says) Manuel Manfredi. A man with a particular tendency to "unknown", with a sensitivity that comes from the many '' flirting '' with humanitarian culture and history of the peoples ... Manuel Manfredi immediately became for spouses Massa, already the only holders of the idea Turenne '' natural successor ''as research on methodological development of' 'the treatment of waves'' and in the programming of the most modern and most specialized Catalysts witnesses ....

Manuel Manfredi now resides in Italy, then in France; France brings in new catalysts that allow Massa to continue to be "up" and continue to work for the French guarantors. During the same period in Italy Manfredi meeting a young university worker to the "bottom of his heart" was fascinated by the scientific theory of Turenne and a Mrs. possessing "the most frenetic ability to persuade."

The teenager Maurizio Manka and Mrs. Franca Pollack.

From 1982/1983. Dating frequent meetings between Manuel and Mauricio Manfredi Manka with Mrs. Pollack in Italy (though Manfredi he had been called to increasingly work in the Laboratory of Massa family in Paris or for participation in conferences); they were firmly convinced that a so important, interesting and mostly "useful" matter should not be "undone".


In 1988, suddenly at the age of 91 years dies Mr. Massa.

 Manuel Manfredi took over the leadership of the Laboratory in Nice to meet emerging requests for a catalyst, but has now crept a "historic change '' for the School and Method Turenne in France. Mrs. Massa moved to the Ile de France near Fontainebleau. It it's time to take strong decisions. In Italy, Manuel and Mauricio Manfredi Manka with Mrs. Pollack have endeavored to find a way to '' form '' including a possible legal form of the Institute, in which '' deposit '' Knowledge and technology of Turenne. Meanwhile, already existing in France was destroyed. The very Manuel Manfredi goes Laboratories Street. '' De Fleur '' in Nice and after two days' cleaning "closes them forever!!! 

Everything looks finished over there.... But...


...in 1997 based "Association Louis Turenne Italy"..., and in 2014 based and "Association Louis Turenne Bulgaria"...