Catalysts Turenne and their function of '' catalytic ''



Catalysts are the result of 80 years of work and research on the relationship between health and electromagnetism. The basic principle, on which they are based, is physical type and consists in the broadcasting of specific radiation they produce in the environment and in the body of positive changes biophysical nature.

In a separate catalyst may be present multiple magnetic fields of low intensity, organized in wave complexes that are programmed with a different purpose.

Catalysts Turenne, thanks to their characteristic radio-magnetic radiation waves with regular frequency, so far the only instruments that are capable of providing the body waves that restore normal vibration of the body and the true health.


Turenne claims (from Paper VIII ° p. 94-95-96) 

Matter is not, as was believed for a long time, agglomerate of '' nuclear completeness. '' In no case this''atom fullness '' does not exist in what is generally called matter. Matter is not '' other '' unless: WAVES and ATOMIC GAPS. All live and vibrate constantly disintegrate. This happens to human being, animal, plant, mineral.

Harmful wave, which always has a length shorter than the measured me measure and shows and sets health, strikes and destabilize the correctness of vibration just one cell. This box causes same phenomenon in the next, both to attract and to become one: whether and early flocculation phenomenon that will develop in the same way attracting other cells. Once again check whether a chemical phenomenon could be caused by a natural. I am convinced and sure as these interactions of the waves produce a negative effect, the same they can be used to produce a positive effect.


A harmful wave has caused damage? Well, with another wave, this time a positive (deliberately programmed) will fix it.

If the wavelength reaches eight meters, it can no longer harm: is neutralized!



This graph illustrates the situation described above: a damaging wave (L = 7,50) over which is superimposed an allowance of the same height, but with L = 13,50, so as to extend reach up to 8 m wave (before 7.50) now it is not harmful.

Waves can not be "eliminated", but can be secured, that "neutralized ..."

We actually can change the "identity document" to "lethal" harmful waves. We can "transform" so as not to kill more. This Turenne is a miracle, that's what we do.

The waves that kill, not being already inside and around us, life is a guarantee to be longer and a better man!

Should not be "explain the harmful waves". This is a kind of knowledge that you do not have - on the contrary, it harms!

The action, which is particularly useful, is their "transformation."



For this purpose and with this feature emerge catalysts of Turenne. They activate the mechanisms that lead all the correct frequency vibration of 8 m., thus obtaining: 

      (by the phenomenon of induction, and "catalyst") collecting the wave forces, "forms", and information "elements" which are absent and which are necessary for health (each according to the program for which setting) and

     achieve "neutralization" of all so-called. "Harmful waves " through the reduction of the wavelength to correct eight meters.

IMPORTANT:  The above phenomena and mechanisms are active and apply to both the outside world and the human body.

(Directly from the book VIII ° p. 88 of Turenne)

Called catalyst device placed between two 'realities' (bodies and waves) that do not respond to each other, only the presence allows them both to come into resonance with each other and exchange reciprocal information. Throughout Action catalyst remains intact, its forces, its weight, the information carries etc., remains as it is. Our catalysts vibrate without losing weight, thus allowing only the catalytic action, never limited, not subject to change and last indefinitely.


 NOTE:  Once completed Catalysts do not lose the information they carry and efficiency. This means that they are not influenced and modified by nothing: sunlight or other type (X-rays, ionizing radiation, etc  ...), a scanner, a detector, magnets, power sources, metals with any nature, etc. And m, n.... Optionally, and it is interesting catalysts are those which affect the rest! They are "diluted and destroyed" only If moistened, if structurally deformed if their edges remain in contact (even several minutes) with the ends of the other catalyst, if the powders are open and exposed to the environment and the moment at which an attempt is made to REMOVING COPYNG "messages and information" contained in the Catalyst: activation of the operation, then, "break" and the Catalyst no longer serves for anything.


Programmed with "waves with regular frequency" in principle waves of metals in colloidal state, but also some "special" forms.

They are catalysts so far favor the phenomenon of "Catalysis": have between human body and environment (ether) where, in the "colloidal Aerosol" (i.e. the strongest form) attend all nuclear.  First element (also including "44" forming the structure of the human body and which we need: for example, helium, carbon, nitrogen, fluorine, neon, sodium, magnesium, etc.).

Held in hand, they change the vibration of our body (which normally is incorrect) and transform it into the same vibration First element or "energy forms" from which we need. At this level, all and all vibrating in the same way by induction checks the phenomenon of catalysis.

All these realities that we lack or experiencing a shortage and specifically programmed catalyst being "lured" inside our body naturally form a "wave" but destined in time to become matter.



In all cases, unless specific information locked in different Catalysts  (El.D., PARA, EAU VERTEetc. ) All recover the body right "cycle oscillation" of the cells; this is an important fact because when the cycle is disrupted, it causes flocculation and therefore the death of the cells.

To try to see with the eyes of the imagination how the "catalysis."

On the chart we've included a man with waves shorter than 8 m., Contaminated with harmful waves with aura about himself, which is also contaminated.


In and around symbolically marked in the form of bubbles realities from which the person needs to live in good health (could be elements such as magnesium and potassium, etc., or special waveforms, such as those of El.D. or other).


Let's say that larger bubbles are waves of 8 m., And smaller with shorter waves.

The arrows indicate immediately those small internal bubbles (waves up to 8 meters.) Are in resonance, i.e., "induction" with their counterparts outside the body (no matter how far away). Because you have already gained knowledge, you've probably sensed that the man in this picture draws to itself forms ONLY / wavelengths below 8 m., certainly non-beneficial to health, but rather leading each day to total disability. Where and how to start an operation "arrangement"?

First of aura. A clean and powerful aura protects against external influences, in some way prevents this unpleasant phenomenon of induction with "small bubbles" and then, a little less good vibration and sent to the inside of the body. (Catalyst LUXOR is suitable for this purpose).





Attention to what is happening now:

The man was taken in hand Catalyst  (El.D, or magnesium or potassium, etc.). The catalyst for their „programs” induces "small bubbles" (imagine that they or El.D Magnesium or potassium, etc.), which are inside the body and vibrating of 8 m. (Which increases their wavelength)....




As seen in the picture, the internal "bubble" that previously were small, are enlarged as those outside, who said that with waves of 8 m. And is interrupted by the induction forms with lower wave!


Now what happens?

The catalyst has boosted the phenomenon of catalysis, which allows large "internal bubbles", entered the resonance induction therefore, the law of similarity, together with their counterparts outside the body, in the body attract "big bubble" that lacks (El.Dor magnesium or potassium, etc...)..



The phenomenon is produced in the next few minutes, and this continues until the time at which the body is to be "filled".


At this stage, as shown in the drawing and all processes are terminated. The catalyst, although it remains in the hand of time will no longer function. However, if for some reason (and there are many possible), "internal bubble" had to shrink the process again renewed.

All this happens when the body already has some realities that have deficiencies or dissonant, but the real task of special catalysts Turenne is to "attract" the body of the realities that it completely missing!

And this happens under programmed and registered in "MESSAGES".




For example: On the face completely "missing" some thing (for convenience marked in red in the drawing). Putting his hand Catalyst red programmed to attract similar waves, but 8 m long ... After a few minutes of the red  tide is formed in the body.

After several minutes more, appear distance elements similar to the already 8 m....


And then the usual 15-20 minutes, here, that these elements are involved in the body to full saturation. Then the phenomenon stops.



This is the true "WAVE catalysis '' OF Turenne.


Text Box:

How are made catalysts?


The figure shows a section of a catalyst invented by Turenne in the early 1900s and the manner of its performance now.


1)  Diamagnetic container which is usually made of wood or cardboard.

 Its size and shape are fixed and should not be changed.

2)  Thin and delicate casing in which are housed:

3) different types of inert powder, which was recorded specific "information" and related programs.

 Sizes:  Personal Catalysts mm. 70 x 21

- Catalysts for the outside world mm. 85 x 30

Nothing contained therein, except written above. 

Attention:  About the topic Wear 'phantasmagorical and incorrect rumors', according to which catalysts were vials in one or another degree are loaded with radioactive sources. This is absolutely false! The catalyst is activated by the same physical laws that govern and Planet Earth.


''Registered'' in the Catalyst information appears in the box only if it is "active" .They have polarity, so it should be used while maintaining the label on the bottom so that it can be legible. It is not necessary to relax between two applications: it is enough to leave lying down and stand up again.

NOTE:  The power of "field lines", which are emitted by the Catalysts (what people call inappropriate "energy") is very weak, weaker than the power emitted by a green leaf freshly plucked from the tree. Some people argue that feel it, others say it prevents them: always surprised us, especially when it suddenly dawns that those same people stand for hours in front of the TV or hand-held cell phone without "communicate" for a disturbance or "feel"...!?!

All Catalysts can be used both day and night, without distinction.




                         THERE ARE 4 WAYS (with different effects) for the body to fall under the beneficial INFLUENCE:


1° Wear ''Colin'' (always and only the front center) Suspended special collar, wear these catalysts have The function to 'inform' Aura to structure it in the best possible way, so that be a protective shield against the harmful waves outside person harmful waves that around the middle is always saturated.

The process is always the catalytic He makes aura vibrates it then "draw" what she needs to strengthen at saturation phenomenon is terminated.

Note A – Strongly recommends that these catalysts can be used in hand, at least for a period of 15-20 minutes a day, if it has not been possible, this can be done at the end of the day.  

Note B – Wearing it in this position, the body inside is not used by its specific beneficial not. If you want this to happen, you should hold the Catalyst in his hand.

Note C – While wearing protective Catalysts in the form of necklace, you can simultaneously use another hand.



My Catalysts (says Turenne) FUNCTION ONLY IT THEY ARE PLACED VERTICALLY, and therefore generally kept upright in the hand (whether left or right), their very low vibration acts on the projections of the thenar, and hypothenar (muscles protrusions at the base of the thumb) that play a role of a true natural capacitors. 

Thus, the "information" contained in the Catalyst is fed to the medulla (the base of the cerebellum); where then through Sympathetic nervous system, spread throughout the organism and time of 8-10 minutes to "turn on the induction and hence of catalysis," which will run for another period of 8-10 minutes (This time is not absolute, if you have time, it's better to keep longer).



All personal Momos can be applied on points of the body.In this case the person should remain lying down. (Better head to the north, but not necessarily). Momos some type of Luxor, Seven Rays, Eos, Divine Star, Mir, Miracle, Zora, Rizir, Rigencor or Harmony, Astralis, have a preference for the points corresponding to the main Chakras (top of the head, the forehead between the eyes, throat, chest bone, two fingers above the navel, two fingers below the navel, pubic hair); , Etc., resting on the points, or '' zones '' of the body which require '' clean '' due to contamination with harmful waves or other toxins. In these cases, depending on the circumstances be preferred:Lympho Cleaner, El.D., Ultra Detox, Para, Lieos, Ran, Rejuvenation, Vitasan, Eau Verte, Mir, Miracle, Zora.

It takes diligence Catalysts to be kept UPRIGHT (not very hard) and not to hurry. The longer apply, the better it is, and the more that is not known real "texture" of the problem and ways of disintegration nuisance in place. To repeat the operation several times a day for several days can only bring benefits. And in this case, as in everyone, which uses catalysts, there is no RISK of overuse because, due to non-occurrence of the real exposure and activate the mechanism of catalysis, immediately saturate the wave, wave process terminates itself!


NOTE: All that is said in this paragraph shall be valid and effective if used patented method Turenne appliances.

IMPORTANT WARNING: This type using waves of catalysts Turenne, NOT replace their use in "hand." NOT as effective as direct application of Catalyst, can be used in the intervals between one and other direct application, according to Turenne-time.


We go on, let's read again the following notes taken from the writings of Turenne 



Nervous system, spreading throughout the body due to the dense network of nodes and nerve fibers wrapped and fully penetrates our bodies -Internal and external to compact and extensive electrochemical network.

This "network" responsible for all of our senses, which in large part is due to sources of electro-magnetic type (heat, light, sound, vibration, waves, etc.).

All incoming information is relayed to the central nervous system, and the only one that exceeds a threshold of intensity is felt on a conscious level and causes a conscious reaction. Other information that is not captured consciously manages ''automatically '' of the autonomic nervous system. It is from this type of phenomena form part of the fields generated by electrical or magnetic sources such. These fields of electro-magnetic type interact with our electro-chemical network, following the laws of electro-magnetic induction. Induction generated in the electro-chemical antenna starts to irritate nerve endings directly to those bodies because physic-chemical characteristics are in resonance with the signal sent forth by caught vibrations.


"Wavelike ORIGIN (as vibration) OF DISEASE"

The above electro-magnetic inductions lead to a change of protoplasmic chemistry cage. Prevailing mediators of this relationship electromagnetism cell protoplasm seem micelles and phosphate ions. As regards the phosphate ion, it is known that they are highly electronegative, with a strong tendency to bind with protons generated in the cell ortho phosphoric acid.


But when considering the functionality that Turenne attributes of the micelles can be concluded that in the absence of polarity or the presence of a very weak one, giving preference to a stronger emphasis polarity embracing hypothesis Duclo (colloidal Paris 1925), giving the mycelium a strong electro-chemical functionality required for stability (or instability) of colloidal solutions such as protoplasm. Turenne indicates that due to the presence of electro-magnetic fields induce current in protoplasm toxic colloidal solution. Following the subsequent processes of electrical osmosis (or cataphoresis) changes the amount of electrolytes caused by flocculation of polarized micelles. One progressed flocculation leads to cell death and subsequently (if not stop) the death of the body. Turenne, therefore, proposes to use a model. Grew from the study of colloids and transferred at the biochemical level to refute some of the intracellular mechanisms functionality.


Protoplasm of the healthy cell has, therefore, its axis of magnetic orientation due to the Brownian motion of the amount of all molecules that are inside it, and in particular of polar micelles. Wasps well fuctioning cells are parallel to each other and mutually reinforcing.


The electromagnetic field of a healthy organism generated for the purposes of the Research Fund Turenne, electromagnetic waves with a wavelength (frequency) 8 m .: 2,500,000.

Flocculation of one of the cells shifted electromagnetic axis, causing interference and mutual inductance on neighboring cells. Flocculated mass was raised to sedimentation of the crystals, and it is in this sedimentation is developed, according to the marked lines, bacteria and viruses. So flocculation provides primary ground for the emergence of degeneration and illness’ careful because flocculation also modifies and subsequent magnetic field emitted by the entire organism. It is on this axis of research has -Original most part of the work of Turenne. It actually determines the health of the body by measuring the total electro-magnetic radiation and controlling how it is moving away, due to a defect of the optimal measure 8: 2.500.000.


That is, it provides one electro-magnetic review that, with the progress of his studies, becoming more complete and fine, to the extent distinguish the health of each organ of the human body. Turenne but not limited to '' read '' health, and also, as we can easily guess '' light '': '' forced '' rearrangement of the magnetic field of the cell or cells (tissue-body). They changed again, but in reverse order, electromagnetic relationship in the colloid, disintegrating flocculated micelles, so as to change the biological soil, we make January susceptible to pathogens.


Studies have also led to the establishment of certain bio-radioactivity of some ions. It is through the study of the relationship between electromagnetism, radioactivity and intracellular functionality. Today one of the most developed sectors of research in medicine - nuclear medicine for diagnostic purposes using the knowledge acquired by physics on radioactivity and electromagnetism.


But the differences are significant in relation to the position of Turenne. Currently, nuclear medicine used for purposes diagnostician one exemplary radiation passing through the body, which can be absorbed or diverted and because this process provides for a kind of information on the structures that it encountered in its path. The method of '' reading '' offered by Turenne is not '' invasive ''. It could be defined as: review auscultation.

That is not a question to measure the body with selected our broadcasts, and to use those body provides us with the strength of its natural emanation. The problem is therefore this- be divided frequencies of such radiation and its importance. This is anything but simple thing.


These radiations are so weak that muffle by radiation due to the heat of the human body or those coming from the environment in which the measurements are taken and finally the very measurement tools. Let us not forget that they function powered by electricity and artificially created, in each case, fields of disturbance. Many of the choices made by Turenne may seem unscientific, but it is completely justified: To be used as a tool for analyzing a technique which is placed as close as possible to a real scientific instrument, but immeasurably - '' ecological ‘. Able to support their labors by using the statistical method, conducting the same experiments with hundreds of different schools and different scientists volunteers. Many were doctors, including some who have discovered the missing '' element '' in their laboratory tests.



MANDATORY (and recommended) FOR HUMAN

To remove the human body vertical negative and harmful waves and adverse currents energy produced by the thinking brain: many people suffer from organizational violations, however due to excessive brain activity....      


Catalyst   93  has the function of "dressing" of many types of harmful waves (used only "in hand") than those produced in our brains while we think; as harmful waves are out there that are ultra penetrating by disease present everywhere that "disposed" preferably at the bottom of the time do the cerebellum and medulla. It is very effective as a 'booster': We have said that is useful to all, precisely because of the children to the elderly, all are daily subjected to intellectual effort, which exhausted the capabilities and balance...Catalist 93 favors catalysis neptunium (primary atomic element n ° 93), which is part of our organism: it is located in the brain legs and contributes to good health and balance of the central nervous system. "Living" this element 93 is running more and more when our brain gets tired of thinking. With each passing day he gets older. Aging is, in essence, "corrosion" of all substances and all tissues of which we are composed.

Catalyst 93 is among the substances that the easiest and most are lost! Now is the time to clarify that by its shortage generates the decline of the brain from which many fear.


Catalyst   NUTRIVIT...A brain is a powerful regenerator (alternating with  93). It is mandatory for students, teachers, managers, researchers ... But really necessary for all and that from early childhood, because it prevents any serious damage in the future.

Enhances brain function and apparatus. Counteract stress. This catalyst is made to correct a very serious problem, covering a growing number of people. What actually marked with the modern word "stress" is actually a state of susceptibility, weakness, functional insufficiency and weakness of our internal body caused by external factors (some radiation) and certain types of behavior. The phenomenon affects all people living in cities but also rural residents! However the pace of life is now the same for all: tasks, activities, TV viewing hours at the computer, driving, etc ...  Eng. Turenne, back in that era is explored very thoroughly "influence" stress on the brain and cerebellum. He found one "excessive consumption" of Mendeleyev elements having fundamental to the proper functioning of brain mechanisms and those of the cerebellum; as a consequence, all the management operations of the brain of the whole organism is slow, de concentrate and often absent.


Engineer Turenne has always given great importance to this "zone" of our body ... and we say that was wrong?

Catalyst NUTRIVIT renewed and strengthened by catalysis specific Mendeleyev elements vital ability of the brain and gives people more vibrant and functional autonomy. Three Catalyst: NUTRIVIT, RIZIR and MIRACLE, used simultaneously, providing a program of wave radiation, able to counteract the most serious acts and violations similar even Alzheimer's.


Catalyst  LIEOS. If you have long lived in a contaminated environment from harmful waves in your home, from the subsoil, from TV, computer, phone... (apparently without knowing it) happens bodies have absorbed them and fail to have released more from them

Either because they have resided there for too long, or because the life force has fallen, but the fact is that these "hazards" have "inlaid" in them and it is difficult to be removed! This is a very dangerous enemy within because it attracts trouble and disturbances of any kind (remember the law of similarity) In LIEOS, this internal enemy completely eliminated. Its use is still temporary because after inlaid old harmful waves, it serves to eliminate all bad - daily. This is the only catalyst which can be held in the hand of all the family. Should ONLY be used in hand.


Catalyst PARA  ... free radicals and seized "nuclear" waste washed with PARA. In the interior of the human body form "harmful" to the atomic nature which is not removed by conventional means. However, they are a very dangerous internal enemy. Here help comes Physics. Turenne engineer, in 1930 discovered the special counter waves and created Catalyst PARA. Let's say immediately that PARA should be routinely used, even every day. All visible (chemical) and invisible (vibration) realities that enter and are formed in the human body does not belong to his nature and wavelength shorter than 8 m., - Always cause phenomena such as crystallization, depolarization of the micelles, which lead to flocculation of the cellKnown today under the name of free radicals, some pellets of fragments of failed already atoms have already been seen, recognized and tested by Eng. Turenne during the first years of the last century. He eventually ordered them among the enemies of human health.


NOT ALL KNOW THAT  half of the oxygen we take through breathing is not used and it appears destined to become.....PARA! This fact explains why we must use Catalyst PARA every day, before the domestic accumulation to become unmanageable and too injurious!

They must also take into account other "internal enemies" who PARA can eliminate:

The body houses a flora and fauna one, which are not conducive to us, and which emit a series of more or less distant from those of the health waves. To cite one example, all parasites, including so-called colonial, Diatom, stafilo, kolibatsili, streptococci and many others; then the harmful waves of electricity, soil and other origin: accept such even by food cans, drinks, etc.

It is mandatory for this with due caution be used PARA for a month before starting any treatment demineralization.

WARNING: They say PARA sufficient to eliminate domestic animal parasites. We disagree with this and are NOT true: in PARA are the frequencies that can attack only one parasite (do not know whether widespread today, but for your information it comes to Distoma hepatico).


Catalyst  EL.D. Serves "to catalyze" a kind of "power good", which is an integral part of living cage. Its existence was known, nor is the way to reach him.After this discovery one of the great discoveries of Eng.Turenne. Short time after his absence is found in the cells, their vibratory "engine" literally stops and starts the beginning of flocculation.

NOT EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THIS, "good power" EL.D., which is present in us in the exact extent, protects us from harm automatically distributed by artificial electricity.... The less EL.D. present in our body, the more our body is 'captured' by damaging electrical waves, which, as we have seen, are very dangerous.

Catalyst EL.D. Act: on cellular substances (gray and white), food and strengthens the uterus, food and strengthens ovaries and testes with a view to their improvement.

Catalyst EL.D. Act: like waves on all internal parasites, tapeworms, area, herpes, and eczema and even two very similar diseases "lymphomatosis and lymph granulomatosis."

Catalyst EL.D. Effect: it eliminates body waves of "X" - RAYS, HIGHT FREQUENCY, etc., which are absorbed during X-ray examinations, but the same sun, where, together with the beneficial radiation have, and contain many dangerous (see. damage when exposed to sunlight). Waves help the body to rise to 8 m. (harmonic for healthy cell). Without EL.D. In your body, we can not in any way expect to be healthy.


EL.D. Wear and neck ...

Generally recommended for ELECTRICIANS to wear the neck when in electric cabs or when climbing poles with high voltage... as well as people engaged in such activity.т.


They are often asked questions of the following type: Catalyst  EL.D.which lies on the neck that stops the use of waves of  PARA (or other catalyst), if held at the same time in hand?

Waves of catalysts, when they are held in hand, entering the body in preference to all others, whether the neck or in wave on ELECTROMAGNETIC BOX.

In conclusion:  EL.D. (Or other catalyst) neck is not "stopped" waves of those who hold in hand.


Or: Catalyst EL.D. Can be kept in hand with PARA ?

Both are harmonious with each other. Must, however to know that when we are weakened in crisis or ill, the body is difficult in this produces too much information at the same time which would be better to save him that unnecessary stress!


Catalyst EText Box:  AU VERTE

Studies checks and Eng.Turenne experiments have shown that this complex waves affect many diseases and certain types of internal parasites. The waves of this catalyst themselves from everyone, including those emitted from food and medicines, the most favorable for our organism. Actually have is an 8-foot waves of 9 individual witnesses of total 10.


Positive impact and improve the health of all organs. This catalyst has given very good results at the time of Turenne, but today too!

Development of  EAU VERTE has had since Turenne makes a big discovery while studying mineral and thermal waters. Each of them contains specific and own "energy charge" to be absolutely compatible with man.

For this reason, a mineral water can be not only inappropriate and even harmful and "fountain of a hidden disease."

The phenomenon is due to the frequency of "extrinsic" atoms contained in the water and deposited in the body. They are "blocks" of energy and a source of negative information, able to destroy DNA.

If you do not know the relationship between mineral water and those who use it, there is a real possibility for man to "drink" an invisible cause of disease.

Let Considering how often encounter this opportunity, given that in a home using only one type mineral water by several people, without knowing anything about compatibility with the water itself.

EAU VERTE catalyst at this stage is the only set of waves that is capable to disintegrate and scatter this damaging charge. It is therefore necessary for all.

It is not recommended to choose water as a result of the advertising slogan or advice of a nutritionist - they are not aware of anything about the problem of "heavy water" on which throws light Eng. Turenne. Frequent cases Turenne met where some incurable pathological forms solution was found with EAU VERTE; he actually stated "hidden reason" caused precisely by unsuitable mineral water.

Catalyst PHECGOMEL is worthy of attention and respect because it belongs to the series devices developed by Turenne on completion of his studies, namely on human health. It is possible to restore the equilibrium of the living human cells. One of the most important discoveries of Turenne was the discovery of Mendeleyev primary elements that make up the human structure. Even Dr. Schussler, with its twelve salts not read "real" atomic composition of the human body (burning cells examined constituent "salts").

Turenne, however, with its system of resonances different "44" and among them there are many who can not accept chemically so - far are "rare gases" (not allowing encapsulation in tablets or lozenges). For the first modern chemistry familiar elements of the human body are still very few. We all know that due to shortage of minerals, metals, metalloids and rare gases, cell structures and functions suffer and degenerate... Besides the fact that we came into this world already very "impoverished" from the content of this major constituent luggage every day we lose ... and a little bit more .... The mere fact that we exist! Illness, sickness, or a collapse, likely due to the effects of such shortages! With PHECGOMEL possible to assimilate them through catalysis, taking them from the air, which exist in colloidal form? You do not even need to know the types of shortages and to control dose and take: everything happens automatically and in a safe way! PHECGOMEL is a very curious and interesting series of "waves" and we will tell you what its specific competences (Turenne Book VII °):


   Set of "oak - mistletoe - white dead nettle" affects almost all disease waves except diseases gonorrhea, chancroid, scarlet fever and endocarditis;

   •   restores all 44 Primary elements of the human body has a beneficial impact on all glands;

   beneficial influence on Vital Functions, Breathing, Feeding, Reproduction, Endocrine system;

   •   beneficial influence on all bodies on the "brain" and on the "color" of the body;

   Because of the waves of Heavy Water in the form of "green water" has a beneficial effect on gout and rheumatism; 

       There is strong resistance against internal intestinal parasites;

   With catalyst 44 Metalwhich is a supplement affects one of the worst diseases known to us: "limfogranulomatoza". (Be careful with the use of Catalyst 44 Metals. It should be used first PARA for at least two weeks in advance - alone - and then before any application of Catalyst  44 Meta).


Catalysts HEREDITES. Turenne wrote in his book VIII0"We have created a catalyst apparatus that creates contra waves six hereditary disorders (ethylene, syphilitic, tissue, tuberculosis, cancerous, arthritis, rheumatism) and then use approximately a month we observed the disappearance of all these vibrations disabilities which not have appeared more. We can conclude that: SURVIVORS DISABILITIES ARE DEFEATED!"

Differences in individual construction of "electro-magnetic" shield of every person "frequency" of the ills that are more than the day of birth with their vibrations continue to send distorted messages about abnormalities in the body. Moreover, they create "induction" with the lingering waves of the diseases, which, under the law of resonance, are involved in the body. If things are so clear how important and even indispensable to eliminate hereditary illnesses from day life. We should add, however, that this "cleaning" should be done by everyone, especially by those who want to have children!!! 

LET US RECALL, that Catalyst  HEREDITES., unless stated objective, brings a lot of positive vibrations, making it usable throughout life.

NOTE:  As much as it is difficult to explain the "wave" method of Turenne and as it is difficult for people to understand it, he demonstrated in a phone call from a lady: "Look, father of one young twenties has problems with alcohol. Should this boy to use Catalyst against hereditary defects?" If she had explained, the method Turenne, she would not ask this question. Would unhesitatingly give HEREDITES. the boy. But adding she would have enjoyed it and for a long time!

MANDATORY catalyst for the surrounding world DESCRIBED UNDER YOUR GOALS


Protection "outside world" is without doubt the first action to be taken!

Without this measure, not a single catalyst or food or medicine or any kind of therapy ... may not be effective and beneficial. 

To eliminate harmful radiation in homes and in places that inhabit

 Catalyst EU EL.D - (Addendum to the  EU Electricthis is a new life for home: a true measure, which neutralizes harmful waves produced by this set of realities that consist so-called electromagnetic pollution of the environment. This very important and necessary "Set" includes 2 catalysts for radioprotection and neutralizes the harmful biological effects:  


Catalyst EU (Home Healing – Healing home) aims to recover magnetic geo biological balance of the surrounding world. Its name comes from the Greek meaning EU: Well, good! Actually it acts selectively thanks to a new technology transforms the information from the fields of harmful frequencies, starting from the most dangerous for the living organism to an overall improvement of the wave condition of the entire environment. With its complex program (1500 frequencies, organized in 270 wave packets with low intensity) encourage and strengthen people, animals and plants living environment; the more time passes, the more the fabric (walls, floors, furniture, etc ....) good vibration absorption of this magnificent machine that gives a home ... Health is also programmed to "catalyze" (draw) positive and beneficial vibrations of the Cosmic forces.... In the past the Turenne is neutralized imbalanced waves environment being studied, performed and installed special anti waves Catalysts, each of which has been programmed for one part of the environment. With the elimination of all harmful influences neutralizers disappeared again.

EU has conceived a new criterion and using new technology. It operates independently in a very large environment and being gifted with their own INTELLIGENCE, it recognizes each individual location and at any point types unwholesome for healthy cell vibrations, and organize to transform them into positive ones.

Furthermore, over time, "informed" matter (atoms) present around so that she can become "positive" and beneficial. 


This handset has a very particular mechanical action: one part of their programs, he neutralizes the harmful waves in the middle, and another part programs "inform" the bodies of humans or animals or plants that are nearby, so they become more resistant to harmful vibrations! It was surprising to note that when a person enters into the scope of the EU (who lives in the home or occasionally visit him), he was influenced very favorably, its Aura is impregnated with beneficial waves of EU. Natural protection systems are stimulated and multifunctional mechanisms in the body regain its balance. Today one no longer doubts about how and to what extent the nature of the middle vibrator can directly determine the health of our electromagnetic (etheric) body! To put these two Catalyst home means to improve the health of the environment and the people living in it .... As to the results of research and application of Turenne on everything that affects Man and his environment, to already desperate attempt to study and draw up a "harmonic wave fields of health" with The EU and DIVINE STAR believe that we have reached the limits of the possible. Where these two magnificent "tool" did not achieve health, happiness and peace that is because man, perhaps unintentionally or through ignorance, make mistakes in behavior and hygiene (e.g., food is bad, poor sleep, too many muses, etc.).


Катализатор EU (Home Healing Healing at home) should preferably be placed in the center of the area that must be neutralized (at home, in the office, auditorium, etc.) and if the house is a few stages, it is good to put the lowest of them (well protected from dust, moisture, cats and mice resting on a console or sofa (provided that it is not behind closed doors it).

If you have a "place of honor", depart it to the Catalyst!!!


Catalyst EU Electric (in combination with  EU Home Healingaims to eliminate the biological disorders, triggering waves of artificial electricity, waves that propagate in the middle of wires passing and dangerous throughout the house. It is designed so as to "lighten" the tasks of the EU Home Healing, already too involved! Should be placed above the meter or be stuck with tape to the main switch.


We were asked the following question:

What if taken in hand and then placed as quickly as possible to its place

EU Electric from the meter as taken in hand  EL.D a man?  My answer is: 

This should never be done! Catalyst meter is not programmed for man. Let us bear in mind that if it is removed from the meter, middle immediately fills with harmful electric waves from which the person is devious.Therefore is useless to hold in hand EL.D for own decontamination, while at the same time the man is surrounded harmful electrical waves.

N.B. As everyone knows all the tools of electronic type emit harmful disturbing wave and is recommended to be protected with special catalysts.

Catalyst ATS FIELD. Its waves are vibrations function predispose people to NOT enter into induction harmful waves and antennas calf radio transmissions that inconvenience in human delicate balance.


With ATS FIELD home and people are protected. Calf radio transmissions phenomenon (radio, television, radar, satellite, telephone, public services - police -fire brigade- ambulances - Airports - etc ...) is absolutely "modern" and more powerful and compelling.

N.B. Let me remind those who "suffer" from this type of interference when moving in open areas that would find great relief and protection if worn plate BODY DEFENDER, studied and implemented for this purpose.

To remove harmful waves of cars, trucks, etc...

Catalyst CAR. Two (set) protective catalysts remove harmful waves. The figure shows a fully liberated from harmful waves cabin, this result is achieved by the action of the CAR, which neutralize harmful wave and simultaneously created in the cabin a positive and beneficial wave, able to enhance the natural defense systems of the human body. Modern vehicles to the past are equipped with electronic equipment and even computers. Some vehicles have electricity even in the seats! In cars that are not protected health is impaired surely.The two catalysts are placed in the cabin, as shown in the drawing, if the engine is in front, and if he's back, placed in the rear. More Eng. Turenne is recommended, but today we have agreed to use the catalyst  93 at the end of the journey, to detoxifying the body entirely possible parasitic absorbed waves.

In order to remove the body from the harmful waves absorbed by the X-rays from the infrared rays, high frequency: Catalyst  EL.D. be used 3-4 times by hand-held for 15-20 minutes.


To remove from the body waves absorbed by waves of transmission shafts, satellites, calf-phone-radio antennas and others. Catalyst ATS FIELD.

It is held in one hand 10 min. per day within a week, to de-saturate. Simultaneously, the realization of the protection by wearing plate Body Defender. We encourage all now to use our plates DEFENDER TRONIC (mobile phones, etc.And и BODY, to defend from waves of large and small antennas. We encourage mothers to use them in children.

Catalysts  DIRVIS How to use: place the 3 Catalysts on the table (without being enclosed cabinets j) or below, then place them on either end of the property to be decontaminated, as shown in the picture. The space in which phenomena occur can be circular with a diameter the size of which is the distance between DIRVIS 1 and DIRVIS 2



Wave field which is created between the 3   DIRVIS
Delete all vibrations that somehow counteract or damage vital phenomena.

No need to open packaging WAVES GO THROUGH ANY KIND envelope: metal, glass, plastic, etc....


DURATION. If it observes the North-South orientation of the earth's magnetism

"cleaning" takes about 40-45 minutes. If it is not possible to comply with the North-South direction, it recommended a longer time (60-90 minutes). If desired may be left all day and all night, no problem, because, after completion of its work, the waves stop automatically due to the effect of saturation. In the event that there is no time for processing and if possible Dirvis can be placed on both sides of the stove for the time during which the food is prepared:


FOODSThey can be consumed immediately after treatment;

-  FOODS FROZEN PRODUCTS: Waring: 40 minutes can be thawed, so it's better to just be decontaminated before being used;

-   Insecticides and Similar Measures, Detergents and Cleaning Products  must be decontaminated with Dirvis, since losing their properties.

-    IF THE PILE exceeds 40 cm. lift catalysts using their protective force;

-    ALL SUBSTANCES ,  that are handled by this system would be "cleansed" of nuisances logical if stored in places where there are no harmful waves: see EU – the protection of the House.

- AFTER USE and these catalysts are like everyone else, must be placed horizontally, avoiding the ends to touch each other.



HEREDITES. We wear them since birth, but must be removed immediately. These are well-known hereditary defects. They "call" corresponding to their various diseases. This is another sensational discovery of Eng.Turenne today no other effective drug so it was not open.

EU-EL.D. New Life for your home with the EU-EL.D. Stop the electromagnetic pollution of the environment, the subsoil and the electric current. With these two catalysts people, animals and plants will improve their health.

EL. D. Disintegration of harmful artificial waves of electricity.

ATS FIELD. Anti inducer of harmful waves from antennas and calf transmissions. The waves emanating from calf transmissions antennas pass through everything and everyone and create disturbances in delicate human balance

HARTMANN CURRY. Protects the living cells of the pathogenic effects of these geomagnetic emissions that are familiar to all broadcast networks Hartman and Curie.

WATER SHAPER. Revitalization drinking water. New energy for water. The water used at home as well as mineral, reach us lifeless and charged with a negative one.

I DIRVIS. Decontaminate food and food products from all hazards.

CAR. To eliminate harmful waves in cars and all protective Catalysts favors Life Wave.


GREAT "Cleaners" Interior / to have a renewed body /

LIEOS. Due to the time spent in contaminated environments bodies have absorbed and retained a very dangerous internal enemy, which attracts trouble and disturbances of any kind.

PARA. To eliminate inside the body "deleterious residue" with an atomic character, which are not removed by known means.

LYMPHO CLEANER. Cleans and predisposes the body to neutralize viruses and bacteria.

EAU VERTE. Necessary to eliminate discharges of harmful energy derived from mineral water "atomic charge  H4O"This invisible root cause of diseases.

GREAT "protectors" of invisible harmfulness

EOS. Strengthens and protects psychic gifts: sensitive, dowsing, clairvoyance, healing.


GREAT "reconstruction" of the physical body

EL.D. this is a "special" power that the cells have an ABSOLUTE NEEDto be healthy. However after saturation automatically protects us from electro smog.

PA-KOUA. "Fixed emitter" that emits waves beneficial to the body and mind form.

NUTRIVIT and 93.  These are brain food and stiffening elements. Used together constitute powerful brain regenerator ensure balance and strength in a natural and safe way.

PHECGOMEL (44 metals). For demineralization of the body. Without use in material form, thanks to this new technique, it is possible to be extracted from the air, where present in colloidal form to be assimilated by the catalytic effect. It is not necessary to know the types of deficiency, or to control the dosage.