Witnesses Turenne

 Unchangeable and free from pests


What in our area we call "witness"?


This is a subject with as accurate as possible own characteristics, which is used as a SPECIFIC sample of all realities that are his "SAME OR SIMILAR"For example, a piece of iron in the disintegration enters the "resonance" (in induction) with all other iron fragments scattered on the planet (no matter in or on the Earth's crust). The same applies to piece emerald or carrot for all minerals, metals, organs, diseases, etc. These "samples" , that are SIMILAR to other bodies of the same nature, namely Witnesses   are called - witnessed a similar reality. Photograph of a landscape, a person can be "seen" shooting landscape and man. "Witnesshas been known since antiquity. He has served and still serves to detect similar objects on it, but located elsewhere: it is necessary to search for underground water or minerals, recovering missing bodies (and including people), to find things invisible to the naked eye and hidden in another body  (either human or animaletc.


Surely Leonardo Da Vinci is served with them in the study of the physics of cloud drops!


What laws "witness" became an accomplice and therefore useful in a study?


Remember the scientific principle of the Law of Similarity: between two realities, as long as they are similar (or identical), no matter how distant from one another always arises a phenomenon of so-called. "harmonic resonance". 


Firstly, between the two sets is a reflected wave, which goes from one to the other (but never farther away), then immediately creates a secondary perpendicular to the first wave, which passes through the reflected and is positioned at a given point of the distance between the two realities. If they are both similar and even identical, secondary wave occurs right in the middle of the distance that separates them; if the two realities are similar, but not identical, the secondary wave is positioned farther away from the stronger true or larger than two. 


In practice:


Compare the wave of a man with a "witness" (for example) a parasite. ... If you see the above appear two waves, rest assured that this parasite in the human body. If you do not see these two waves, be sure that the same parasite is not in the human body. It's that simple!


We told him that "witnesses" are used the most remote times, but should also be aware that they have always suffered and suffer from a serious problem:


1° Are not clean, therefore can not be a valid witness;


2° Changes rapidly  and shortly thereafter can not be real "convergence" of what was sought. 

They are not pure, and in particular are suffering from. What is "suffering"? This means that over them have been deposited and foreign external vibration, other than those that are inherent to the witness. Spurious waves interfere with the induction of similar items. Here is an example that will explain the idea. Let's look at the photographs used extensively as witnesses. It is true that the photo has it the vibration of the image, which constitutes the 'like' the person or object on the landscape, but it is also true, never forget that picture are the waves of acids, which manifests photo and certainly the fingerprints of the photographer who made them and touched. These are parasitic waves, "alien". Example: some to study the health of a person who is far away, using as witness the very person cotton swabs soaked in organic liquids. Similar methods have always been used in folk practice: I think, it is that urine, blood, saliva or mucus were carrying waves of people and that at least the first 24 hours (because then distracted) may be true, but underestimated the wave of cotton, on which were placed liquids. Outside of the human wave that is "parasitic". We do not expect that these analyzes can be honest and believable !!!


Quick change. Liquids and organic tissues taken from the body more than 24 hours due to the contact with the outside world and outside their natural environment, no longer contain their original vibration - mostly because they are not "fed" from the body. Not already vibrating with the same frequency of the person they are no longer truly "comparable" and induction between the alleged "witness" and the person does not take place anymore. In practice, on the witness no longer present and can NOT be taken waves of people.


The case with the pictures. Photos more than organic liquids are widely used as "witnesses" of many working in this field. On this topic, to be precise, especially if we talk about the physics of waves. Most photography "witness" a man can vibrate as the man himself for a few minutes and then end. The explanation is as follows: every living body change its vibration every minute and not image, it remains fixed. Man and his picture will be very soon with two different vibration and therefore between them there was no Act of Sameness and induction. In practice vibrations do not reach more people to photograph and are therefore not detectable.


However, some argue that fail to conduct research on the image of man. This is possible ........ but in this case it comes to other phenomena of psycho-mental type inaccessible for all and not know what links are to physics. The picture would have only meant to enhance mental concentration of the operator and allow him to connect his thought one who is far away. Separate is the fact that these phenomena last only for the time that the operator remains connected, it must be said that this practice operator squandered much of its energy. You understand that these things can be made from a few !!!


Unclean or "changed" witnesses


They have been and still are a problem. On the occasion, there are a bunch of anecdotes about unsuccessful attempts namely the fault of the "witness"... , but the fault of the operator, who should know better things before they get to work! 


... Here is the exclusive discovery of Turenne to "witnesses"


As we understand and know better than "witness" we are interested in only the wave of the item. And also we learned that when it is said as "wave of iron", it is a vibration, which contain precise information, something like DNA precisely the element iron.

Instead of using a witness samples from different matter Turenne through a process invented by him "off" and transferred to an inert carrier (in his case these are special powders).



Witnesses of Turenne : 

THEY ARE PURE and not parasitic waves. Each contains only specific for a single element or a reality data at a frequency of 8 m. Prior to register and fix the code in the powders Turenne deletes wave of the powders, the glass vials containing them, the caps and even smaller figures to denote .


THEY CAN NOT BE CHAGED and are not subject to amendment or dirt outside. 

THEY ARE FOREVER and time does not lose its characteristics in terms of quality and wave frequency.



You should know that Turenne left us a very rich collection of witnesses: healthy organs of the human body, metals, metalloids, rare gases from human body essential nutrients, human diseases, parasites in humans, diseases and intoxications, other diseases and parasites in the human body all 121 nuclear First element waves of Inherited disabilities, the colors of infrared and ultra waves, Vacuum, Electricity D, of X-rays, cosmic rays, electrons, neutrons, the Green beam of waves Alpha, Beta, range of precious stones, the crystal structures of various mineral gases, Heavy waters of Stars and Planets, many wild animals, almost all diseases, viruses and parasites in animals and more.




Let us recall that since the beginning of last century Turenne was a university professor in a new, very new discipline: Remote wireless transmission. Based on the new knowledge he succeeds in his intention and invented this technological marvel, belonging more to the future than to the past, as they are called:  ......Turenne Witnesses