More than 1932 Eng.Turenne discovered and wrote that each cell as animal and human, which is in good condition and in good health, radiates wave whose overtone has a length of 8 meters. Each disease, shortage or parasitism rises vibrator frequency, which reduces that same length of wave.That way he discovered that each drug to be effective, should lead to 8 m. wavelength of health.


Universal ruler of Turenne was invented in order to take these measures and others.

Using this ruler, as well as all other rulers Turenne:  It provides the place where it is held to be exempt from harmful waves vibrate in a wavelength of 8 meters.

This requires the use of a ruler  Ondemètre Turenne  /Radium block /, making useless orientation in North-South direction.

After Radio Waves meter put on the line, there are detected at a wavelength of 8 m .vertical positive waves, vertical negative waves horizontal positive waves horizontal negative waves, ultra waves, infrared waves, radioactivity, waves of the elements of the Mendeleyev to 92 7 and wave heights..

The first antenna (8 m.)  Consists of copper wire, starting from zero (above right) .First 6 meters are rolled coil inside which is placed a high-frequency transmitter. The two final meters (approximately) are extended in two parallel lines to reach 8 m.: in their vertical can be measured wavelength.

The second antenna consists of 7 GRUPS WAVES indicated by their height in centimeters: 13 cm.  (red), 19 sm. (orange), 25 sm. (yellow), 50/55 sm. (green), 62 sm. (blue), 68 sm. (indigo), 80 sm.(violet).

The findings of Eng. Turenne lead us to the conclusion that every body - simple or complex - existing in nature (elements of Mendeleyev, plants, minerals, organs, diseases, drugs, colors, sounds, etc.) Can be identified not only with wavelength, but with the wave height, indicating that it belongs to one (or several) of the 7 GRUPS.

This dish is very interesting and useful because it allows you to recognize the "true likeness" between a disease and its effective treatment medicine. For example, disease height 13 cm. And medicine with 13 cm height. .....

The third antenna sloping front edge of the ruler, graduated from 1 to 92 and allowing identification of the elements of Mendeleyev: 1 Hydrogen, Helium 2, 3 Lithium ... 92 Uranus.


The three antennas Universal linear Turenne is activated and "excited" by Radium Wave meter placed in the locking block to the right of the coil where the wire leaves the antenna, emitting a carrier wave length of eight meters.



- Put on the radio waves meter body, which must be reviewed if case of a man, he must put one or two fingers on it; if the person is far must use their individual witness!

- Turenne method does not recommend the use of other witnesses (photos, organic materials, etc.). That are suffering with waves belonging to the person being examined, as this can lead to errors in reading!

- Once the bodies that will be treated are placed on the Radio, all up it waves appear on three linear antennas; but also around it: these are waves around his Aura.

- The search is done by using pendulum Turenne magnetic / or / without arrows: the various settings of these switches can recognize and selected various types of waves (see. Pendulum dowsing instructions).

-"Presence" of the wave causes rotation of the pendulum (...) (primary wave).

-"Measurement" of a wave occurs on the scale of antennas with the pendulum movement across the line  ↑↓ (secondary wave).

- Lack of wave: the pendulum remains stationary.



OVERVIEW any body (mineral, plant, medicine, etc.).

- To place sequentially arrows so as to check the possible presence of different types of waves: horizontal, vertical positive and negative, infrared and ultra;

- To pass through the antennas to the left - while meet "secondary wave" that occurs with cross swinging pendulum - thus providing wavelength to 8 meters.


NOTE:  All wavelengths below eight meters. They are harmful to health!!!



"Drugs" and generally "cures" to be effective, must consist of horizontal positive waves of 8 m. Length of 8 meters vertical. Positive waves of Infra and Ultra waves and "good" radio activity length 8 m. (Often the drugs do not possess these characteristics, either because of the nature of their constituent elements or because of harmful waves that are absorbed in the place of manufacture or storage. Pa-Kua Turenne holds and radiates ALL waves. He may even It should be used to optimize the medicines and drugs!!!


REVIEW OF PERSON (or its individual witness)

- First of all it is necessary to look for the positive and negative vertical waves: in fact their presence in a body is ALWAYS harmful, since it impedes the proper functioning of the vibrator and bio-chemical mechanisms of cells and, moreover, it is in a dangerous way "off" wavelength to 8 meters in length.

- Vertical waves absorbed by a person may stem from different sources: unhealthy housing, electricity, car, television and computers, radioactivity, disease ... may be identified thanks to the witnesses in the form of wave and be eliminated because of Catalysts. This is particularly important, urgent and made a priority!


IMPORTANT: The presence of vertical waves in the body of a man makes any therapy or medication inactive: even the nutrients are used incorrectly by the body, thus causing a deficiency or dysfunction!!!

- Once it has occurred "cleaning" of the absorbed Vertical waves may actually be measured (in horizontal waves as living cells consist of magnetic waves) wave total health of body and health of the various bodies.

Consequently, the finger of the person on the radium. The pendulum placing horizontal arrow keys to move from left to right (rotation (...)) while meeting with transverse secondary wave (swinging ↑ ↓): for example, in 7.75 m. it indicates the length of the total wave of the organism.

- To recognize the wavelength of a body, it is sufficient to add to his Radios Witness and make re-measurement, as indicated above.

- Exist for this purpose 80 Witness of the main organs of the human body.

- When used Witnesses "diseases" or other "harmful" should be used universal Pendulum: Negative Vertical Arrows in (...) and Positive Vertical Arrows (...) (there are numerous hazards in Vertical Positive Waves!!!).

- On the antenna of 8 meters, the actual measured "texture" of the presence of harmful substances in the body (if these waves are not present, stops the pendulum).

If on Radium, Witness to the person be placed WITNESSES DISEASES or HAZARDS at each measuring horizontal magnetic waves (and therefore in similar horizontal arrow) will provide information about the importance of "harmful presence", namely the distortion of cells as a consequence of the disease or to the presence of this hazard.

This allows Universal ruler, especially when associated with a Line of Blood and that of the Functions of the Human body to be established by successive data, a real CURVE HEALTH and to follow its progress and improvement with each passing day.


At this stage of the study method offers another important opportunity: after being "measured" wavelength of a body or a complete organism is possible to add to the individual Witness to humans or to witness the authority (or Witness to the disease, in this case) put on the radio, "the alleged drug" and to IMMEDIATELY check whether it is really effective. If so, we will see a wave (which previously marked the shortage) to reach 8 m long. We can immediately realize a very interesting character of this opportunity: this avoids "therapeutic experiments" (type of trial and error) to save time and security in solving the problem !!!



Many practitioners use common drugs (organic or inorganic). However, experience of Turenne alludes to the use of Catalysts, as they contain the excellent characteristics of the wavelength mentioned above and, furthermore, they have specialized functions that are not possible for all "known drugs." For example, there are hazards (abnormal aggregations nuclear or nuclear fallout due to taking uncharacteristic mineral water). The only way to be eliminated is to use Catalysts of waves Turenne provided for this purpose (see. In Dowsing CatalogsEAU VERTE, PARA, 44 METALS and etc.);




With the Pendulum in such a Horizontal Arrow to move through the antenna from left to right as you face the secondary wave (transverse oscillation ↑↓) to one or more values (there are bodies having more than one wave height). Every disease and every drug have a wave that is exclusive to them. Under the Law of similarity to cure a disease, you need to choose medicine characterized by the same wave height.



The search process is the same, but the search has to be done first in Vertical Positive Arrows, then at Vertical Negative Arrows and finally in similar horizontal arrows, as the properties of the elements of Mendeleyev is numerous.


 VERY IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION!!! To successfully carry out a study Method and Apparatus for measuring Turenne, Operator must be himself EXEMPT from any damages Vertical Wave (to use Catalyst 93 and others. ...). At the end of his study he must repeat this "cleaning", as he himself being a receiving antenna; all waves intersect and can be fixed.



RULER (7th heave waters)



Ever since the First World War, Eng. Turenne found that besides ordinary water H2O, there are six other HEAVY WATER (called thus because of their specific atomic properties).

These results are: under glaciers in the mineral water in evergreen plants in some celestial bodies and others. Studied them and described in the catalog with corresponding color : Н2О (Violet), Н4О (Indigo), Н4О2 (blue), Н4(Green), Н4О8 (Yellow), Н4О16 (Orange), Н4О32 (Red). Each mineral water has one of the above HEAVY WATER.



LAW: Each person has to do three major WATER (AND NOT MORE THAN THREE)!!!

Therefore, in the range of mineral waters, there are three (and only three), which can be favorable human and which have a wavelength of Health 8 m.

Each mineral water, which does not belong to personal THREE or, worse, any other combination of THREE HEAVY WATER (mineral) generally lowers brutal wave below 8 m. In length and at the same time constitute the "primary" cause of diseases including serious diseases cause which can not be diagnosed today!!!

NOTE: This discovery leads us to conclude that Mineral Water Can Not and Should Not be considered a "food product" and a "drug" that should be used when necessary!

CONSTRUCTION linear: In special nests are set capsules, each of which is loaded with the corresponding waves of HEAVY WATER.

Under the Violet is located the capsule loaded with waves of ordinary water H2O (this from the tap);

But under White is located capsule loaded with waves of SIX HEAVY WATER (Green Water);

Over the capsules are 8 disk with openings that are colored with the exact colors of the spectrum.



To understand whether a mineral water (or not) and to which group it belongs.

- To recognize in a person who his THREE HEAVY WATER (and in cases of "arthritic patients suffering from gout, rheumatism" to choose the types of mineral water with which to heal).




1. TO RECOGNIZE WHETHER A MINERAL WATER AND  TO WHICH  GROUP THEY BELONG TO (In this case it is not necessary to be oriented Linear)

- Radium place vertically on the white disc.

- Radium place on glass (flat bottom) containing water that must be investigated.

- A universal pendulum arrow VERTICAL (...) or (...) will provide cross-beating (secondary wave) under only one color - if the water is bottled - and only in this place.



If water is not mineral beating will only take place on VIOLET.



- Radio vertically on the white disc.

- Human finger (or his Individual Witness) on Radio.

- A universal pendulum and arrows (...) or (...) will cross stroke, but this time corresponding to the THREE colors, always and only these THREE.



- Check is performed on the Universal linear, as usual, to add Radios selected water (or a witness) if the water is useful should lead the wave of people to 8 m long.



WARNING:  24 hours YIELD AFTER EACH OF WATER fountain loses its RA and vertical waves: it is therefore now active. To be effective therapeutically, should be "Revitalized" C: (see.  Water Shaper)

- ULREPVASHTITE TAPI Turenne OR plugWater Shaper (arranged water molecules) 

- WAVES emitted by such TAPI WAKE IN WATER "Asleep VERTICAL WAVES" and makes it alive.



NOTE: It is possible that someone should not drink Mineral Water from any character: for thus it only H2O, water from the tap properly decontaminated and revitalized.


NOTE: If you drank - without realizing - uncharacteristic mineral water in any part of the body is certainly occurred "serious problem."


All laboratory experiments confirmed that these problems can be solved  ONLY WITH CATALYST  EAU VERTE .





For Turenne seven main functions are: Circulation, Vitality, Breathing, Eating, Playing, cancer and bone-joint system.

THE RULER consists of 8 colored discs which are located in seven tablets of compressed powder impregnated with waves of Mendeleyev elements that make up healthy bodies and a tablet (violet) impregnated with all waves of disease...

To use this Ruler - as for all other linear Turenne - necessary place to be exempt from harmful waves and vibrates with a wavelength of 8 meters.


Circulation (White)

[Veins and arteries]

Reproduction (Green)

[Ovaries, testicles, prostate]

Vitality (Red)

[Heart, aorta, brainstem, brain, autonomic nervous system, brain and placenta]

Glands (Blue)

[All glands]

Breathing (Orange) 

[Bronchi, lungs and pleura]

Body (Indigo)

[Bones, cartilage and gray matter]

FOOD (Yellow)

[Stomach, esophagus]

Diseases (Violet )

[Heavy and benign diseases]


All waves serve as witnesses and allow:

1 / to measure scarcity of each function and to explore ways to cure; 

2 / to discover immediately and the authorities show lack of functions (using specially developed Witnesses).


HOW DOES IT WORK:  (Universal pendulum in such horizontal arrows?)

Line is oriented to the white part of the North and the South violet (when not in use Radium). Radio Wave meter placed vertically into the special socket / switch / need not be linear orientation.


I - Quality testing: Place the thumb of the person (or his individual witness) consecutively on White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Indigo. The pendulum placed vertically rotates right positive (...) if the function is in good condition and left negative (...) if it is in poor condition, but could and show swing ↑ ↓, if the function is blocked.

On VIOLET (diseases): If a person has any illness form that is real or just "waves of disease" absorbed from the outside: the Pendulum Continues to Turn RIGHT  (…) [Act similarity].]. If there is no wave of the disease: the pendulum Stops.

If one or more functions be incorrect, it is possible to immediately verify the effectiveness of the alleged drug it is placed close to the finger (or on individual witness) .If the drug is properly pendulum immediately begins to rotate right.


II - Qualitative research: Working with Universal linear thumb human (or its individual witness) on Radium Wave meter.

The operator puts his left index finger in succession on 8 Witness Line functions and measured each time on Universal linear scarcity (less than 8 m.) Of each function.

Can be added on Radium Wave meter alleged drugs and if they are good, the function increases up to 8 m. Then move to the verification of the various authorities by witnesses placed in different cases.........