PA-QUA Turenne


Powerful Waves emitter rewarding form.

This is the only "fixed emitter" of beneficial for the body and for the mind waves.



While all catalysts have the specific function to "attract us" special "information" and "instructions" to be submitted to our body medal PA-QUA aims to "deliver" at any time and in the desired body parts one Favorably amount of positive waves that are capable of "moving in the right way" all forces and energies of the body. Complements and ENHANCES the action of all Catalysts.




Its waves on both sides of the medal off 20cm. Always broadcasts, both in vertical and in horizontal position.

It can not be disabled. Its radiation is constant, but as it is highly favorable, wherever he is, can only improve vibration environment.


FOR USE ON MA the medal is crafted to be worn as a necklace in front, it is better if coincide with the SOLAR PLEXUS (a few inches above the navel).

Hence beneficial vibrations spread to the whole body. (Recall avoiding metal chains around the neck).


From the center beam out (see. Figure), which is particularly beneficial, concentrates in itself the information from "field emissive" the entire medal.

It can be placed anywhere. If necessary, even in the part of the body that is "in crisis" being stick a hand for one application will suffice for 15-20 minutes. If more time is needed, it is sufficient to tighten the belt. It can be used to charge water, medicines, etc.: 

PA-Qua placed in the North-South: put it on a bottle or a glass or bottle or box ... for 40-45 minutes.


Waves of PA-Qua are beneficial for the eyes: keep on eye out for 4-5 min., But only in the morning because the night may disrupt sleep.

Waves of PA-Qua are beneficial for the skin: because counteract certain harmful ultrasound scans which increasingly are in the air and that change the frequency of the dermis-verified.


Waves of PA-Qua are beneficial to the nervous system, on which exercise direct influence. For this purpose, the medal is kept in contact with the base of the thumb of either hand (as is done with the catalysts). Remember that when you are in a car.



The National Centre for Research in Rome told us in 1987 that wearing  PA-Qua saturate and remove the negative charge of Beta wave, say it is very harmful.


QUESTION: If the PA-Qua is held in the hand with Catalyst, does it strengthens the action of the Catalyst?


ANSWER: Incorrect to think that catalyst works more or less! We have already seen how it operates. It is more appropriate to say that PA-Qua have the ability to predispose to a row of electro-magnetic system of the body to be able "waves", catalyzed by the catalyst to be used in the best possible way.


Therefore it would be better  PA-Qua be used before using the Catalyst.



 WATER SHAPERRevitalization drinking water. New energy for water. The water used at home as well as mineral, reach us lifeless and charged with a negative one.


Remember to "revitalize '' water that taking into your body.


Cork B+ottle  Water Shaper for "regeneration" of water and all drinks (generally):




Action "decontamination" No matter whether bottled or taps drinking water but its chemical formula has its own specific "electromagnetic field." Many things about stills of vibration structure of water: its wavy fabric really is a measure of cellular health.....? Species "radio magnetism memory" interpolated it, there is always positive - so that "inform" our cells or beneficial? Apparently not! No to kidnapping in the negative list features from this perspective. As it has been studied, including exotic places rarely been finding water that is "properly informed"... characteristics from this point of view. For a long time following the path of discoveries Turenne, he tried to address the issue of "deletion" of negative and harmful memory of water. Action „revitalizes and strengthens." A body can not "healthy" just because it is free from disease. Same with water: although decontaminated and "liberated from the memory of" all their bad vibrations and energies can not yet typical characteristics that require it the human body to be able to use it without stress in recovery j.


 Cork Water Shaper (for bottles)


1 ° it is a few minutes "release" water from any harmful influence and you will not find more sign of t. Pomegranate.  "Distorted memory" : it is decontaminated.

2 ° immediately afterwards for a few minutes restores those of its characteristics which Turenne speaks revitalization; also reorganize all elements present / trace elements /, giving them the right oscillation frequency and correct radio magnetism balance: it is strengthening.



The stopper is placed on the bottle, so that they do NOT touch the liquid. After 8-10 minutes the content is transformed and is ready for use.


QUESTIONWhat is the duration of the effect of the cork in the water after I remove it?



ANSWER: The contents of the bottle retain its characteristics for 24 h...


The plug can be installed always, including when water is stored in a refrigerator.



ELECTRIC DEFENDER. To prevent the spread of the harmful component of magnetic radiation emitted by artificial electric sources: quartz wristwatch battery, electric alarm clocks, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, hairdryers, remote controls, computer mice, etc...


ELECTRONIC DEFENDERStops harmful radiation appliances Hi-Fi, laser discs, CD, television cameras, Walkmans, desktop and cordless phones, cellular phones, satellite TV decoders, control panels of cars and laptops.



BODY DEFENDER. To protect from the fields of harmful waves due to bundles antennas.