/Radium cymo meter /



Ondemètre Turenne /radium block /: essentially a device that emits WAVES - of a different nature / together or separately/.


It contained "active liquid" which leaves no trace of matter. All waves emitted by it have harmonious length of 8 m., Right such as those of the 44 metals (elements Mendeleyev) of the human body.

Due to its characteristics - (impregnated in the capsule activator / inside / impregnation with waves of light / outside - white / special impregnation of "shaped" wave / out-black line /) activates all phenomena of electro-magnetism and Disintegration.


This is an excellent ANTENNA because all broadcast carrier waves useful for measurements.


This is also a very good amplifier waves which is very useful during countless experiments, in particular for reading blueprints, floor plans, drawings, maps, etc. Activated and put them in a state of "disintegration".


Example: Study on 'map' of an apartment or.... placed vertically - White / combustion / black / to South /...


It is important to know that the operator during this type of research absorbs all waves of the place inspected.


After a few minutes he will be able in which: oblongata in his brain will have accumulated / saturated / harmful waves and "the pendulum will no longer be reliable."  Therefore, we recommend the use of Catalyst 93 MANDATORY made by Mr. Turenne for this purpose.


Ondemètre Turenne It is also essential for demand, "outdoor" minerals, metals or water, hidden underground and others.

IMPORTANT: Due to the complexity of the waves, which radiate recommended:


Do not expose the front / horizontal or vertical / if you do not operate it. To "inactivate or rest," just put a lie to the black line at the bottom.


ATTENTION:  Device / ampoule / fragile to be handled carefully.



 1. Active position



 2. Non active position